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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo won't make more mini consoles.

After christmas Nintendo is going to stop nes and super nes classic mini production. The sales of both add up to more than 10m of consoles. So at first sight this could be a non sense decision. But they want us to buy the Nintendo switch online so we have to play classic games on it. 

The question is, Do you think this is a good decision?

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Yes, it's a good decision. It would have been pointless to keep selling it

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I would love a GameCube mini but i rather have an improved Nintendo Online with SNES and GBA games

Scalping intensifies.

I think it makes good business sense. they can release new versions with additional or different games in another few years. But, really, The nostalgia factor only lasts for a little while with these things. If they were constantly available, nobody would care about them anymore.

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I think they will eventually release n64 classic and gameboy classic.



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Masked_Muchaco said:

The statement is based off I think Reggie and Nintendo saying that this will be the last time to get the SNES and NES Classic.


Would make financial sense, imo.

They would make more money getting subscribers of their online over a physical product.
Toss on top of it the controllers they can sell like the retro nes controller they sold already. That would be ideal imo.

Have the Switch be the system with all games of every gen on it through online sub, and you can have your classic looking controllers if you so choose. Hell those controllers sell at about same price as the classic systems anyway.

They basically want people making more than double dips.

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