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Forums - General Discussion - Where are you from?


Where are you from?

North America 41 31.06%
South America 16 12.12%
Africa 2 1.52%
Europe 55 41.67%
Asia 6 4.55%
Australia 4 3.03%
Antarctica 1 0.76%
I'm from a little island ... 7 5.30%

I like to get an idea of where various VGC users are from. Emphasis on the word *from*, rather than where you live right now.  So, please choose a continent in the poll, then add a comment with more specifics if you like.

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I'm from Annandale, Virginia, USA. This is an inner suburb of Washington, DC.

Regina, Sask, Canada. Home of Deadpool and Brock Lesnar. Oh, and comedy legend Leslie Nielson. My city is full of shit-kicking hillbillies, and allows open pit fires in any back yard. So, any group of jagoffs that wants to can stare at fire like cavemen while they eat food with their fists, stinking up entire neighborhoods as they go.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

Europe. Europeans are the best. We even have Polar Bears!

Oslo, Norway. But i kinda feel like my soul left for the United States years ago

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I come from a small shit town in the middle of Norway, but currently live in Stockholm on my 5th year. Not planing on going back any time soon, to say the least.

Europe > The Netherlands > South Holland > Rotterdam.

I won’t give you my streetname though.

Manchester, England. I moved from a nice area to a shit hole to be closer to work.

Finland, Europe. I do quite like it here.

Gent, East-Flanders, Belgium