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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Burnout is back!

Well, sort of.

This is gameplay from Dangerous Driving by Three Fields Entertainment, a studio formed several years ago by a few former Criterion employees.

From what is shown, the game can definitely use much more budget (distinct lack of urban areas, and repetitive forest/desert/snow for each track, car damage physics not as good as the previous games, and it goes without saying that car models are not even close to the big budget racing games) However, it looks to have the Burnout DNA through and through.

From the driving model, to the the takedown cams, to the usage of motion blur and even the effect the boost has, looks straight ripped out of the old games. I'm surprised they even bought aftertouch takedowns back as well. Hopefully they can add a points system too, like Burnout 3. One thing I hope they work on is to make the HUD elements and UI not look unfinished.

Pretty much all the older modes look to be back too. The traditional race modes (race, eliminator, face-off), burning lap, road rage, and even pursuit from burnout 2 are shown. If youre wondering where crash mode is, they've already made two standalone games that are strictly dedicated to crash, called danger zone and danger zone 2.

All in all seems to be pretty impressive for a game made by a studio with 7 people. I'm looking forward to it.


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Oof, for a second, I thought you meant "gaming burnout" ....

Glad to know you're still in the ride ;)

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Very cool. High likelyhood of purchase.

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Looks just how I remember Burnout Takedown. Good, we need more quality arcade racers.

It's rather excessive on the motion blur and bloom effects, yet one to look out for.

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I'll keep my expectations in check until I know that it is better than their previous Burnout clones Danger Zone 1 + 2

I was hoping more of a successor to Paradise. Guess I'll skip this one.

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vivster said:
I was hoping more of a successor to Paradise. Guess I'll skip this one.

Twas' my favorite too, which I think lands us square in the lap of the minority. If I didn't foookin' hate EA, I'd surely have purchased the remaster.




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I'd love for it to be a more of a spiritual successor to BOP, but going by the gameplay vid, it looks like all track and nothing more.

I'll likely pass on this if it turns out to be the case. I've long been put off samey racetrack car sims for years now, and I don't really see myself going back to them at all. I'm more for open world racing games like Paradise (but not ran by Ubisoft or the big 3).

Kinda nice, but still looks too alpha to give thoughts.

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