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I was watching Jimmy Dore and he referenced this clip in one of his videos

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What is your point ?

My prediction in 2021.

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I've become numb to the whole news cycle thing. They exaggerated everything in an attempt for views, when in reality little to no one takes them seriously and they screw up the minds of those who do believe them.

All in all until it ACTUALLY comes to fruition and does something impeachment worthy in office, I watch these vids for the lulz.

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
What is your point ?

Being able to laugh at someones expense , it's not a strong point ofcourse.

This mentality/behaviour on trump in recent years and on other political figures looks like it could be a parody but sadly isn't.

Jimmy Dore is awesome, more people should subscribe to him.

Proud to be a Californian.

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This is like the 10th time Trump is finished in the last year

In all fairness, if this were any other President, he likely would have been done before he even took office, but its Trump so we have to hold him to the lowest standard imaginable in order to justify his bullshit, and if that is what needs to be done, Republicans will do it.

melbye said:
This is like the 10th time Trump is finished in the last year

As long as viagra exists, Trump will never finish :)

He's not. For that you would need an actual judicial system and politicians. I will check back once the US acquires those things.

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Really the lesson of this video should be for people how fake the mainstream media really has become. The lies have become next level since Trump took office and I am amazed that Americans still view CNN, et. al as having any kind of legitimacy as news organizations. You were told that it was an open and shut case of Russian collusion and that Trump would be gone from office in the first 100 days, and now Trump is supposedly getting impeached 2 years later for something that is totally unrelated by the very counsel that was tasked to look into Russian collusion. In my view, that is a total admission that there was never proof of Russian collusion in the first place and that whole narrative was a fabrication by the media and the Democrats. Are you as American's, going to let the media get away with hosing you like this? Shame on you if you do. Regardless of whether you support Trump or not, you need to be able to at least stand up and see when you're being lied to and taken advantage of. The establishment and elites think of you and treat you as though you are unwashed cattle, and if you let them get away with all of these lies things will only get a millions times worse for Americans.