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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox One Reaches 40 Million Total Sales

VGChartz has it hitting the milestone as of Nov 17th.

A nice accomplishment - but still trailing the PS4 by over a 2:1 margin.

A rough start didn't help to say the least - but they have made some progress in rebuilding their reputation with such features as backwards compatibility and gamepass.  The studio acquisitions were a move in the right direction - but they'll need to have these studios start delivering consistent quality exclusives if they want to keep up with Sony.  Next gen might be closer.

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The backwards compatibility was a big selling point for me when I finally caved and got the X One X. It reopened my library of 120 plus xbox and xbox 360 titles. I hope this continues with their next hardware release. It will never see the PS4 numbers, but congrats anyways (nice milestone). avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Not a terrible number though it will lose big to Sony and maybe even the Switch eventually. However lessons have been learning MS seems to be signing first party studios so perhaps the next race will be tighter as long as the PS5 hype doesn't kill the next Xbox right out of the gates

Seems like it will reach 50M before the shift on 2020.

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These are good numbers imo, as a losing console it could have gone the way of the vita or wii u. It has managed to stay relevant and still get most of the good games on the market, even though I'm a ps4 only gamer I still see good value on xbone

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Great achievement. Only looks bad if compared to the competition.


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Amazing numbers especially considering that the consoles division was profitable for day 1.
Adding PC market with play anywhere might of cost Xbox a few console sales but really help open up the xbox brand across multiple platform.

Future is bright and Microsoft heard us loud and clear about wanting more exclusives.

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Will probably hit 55m+ lifetime, considering the rumors of a $150 S model next year and a likely drop down to $300 for X next Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Not bad at all considering the announce disaster, the lower specs than PS4, and the poor first party situation this gen. MS has a real chance at being competitive again next gen now that the 1st party situation is being fixed, they just need to nail the announcement, if they can manage to beat PS5 specs with the same launch price or match PS5 specs for a lower launch price it will go a long way towards making them competitive again.

They did well with the system after the horribly botched reveal cost them the generation right out of the gate. They still haven't fully recovered from that reveal, but they have gained some momentum back. It should most likely finish between 50-60 million, or possibly over 60 million depending on how good its legs are. If they can continue to build momentum in combination with their increased 1st party output with their new studios, (and not fuck up the reveal AGAIN) the next system should bring them back to 360 levels.