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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu: Smash Sells 1.2 Million + Switch Sells 278k

Smash: 1,238,358
Switch: 278,313


Officially the largest Smash opening in Japan, and also the largest Switch opening to date. Already outsold Smash for Wii U. 
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That is amazing. And the hardware sales!

This doesnt include digital?

drinkandswim said:
This doesnt include digital?

Nope. Retail only.

We'll wait for Media Create too. Although, massive numbers indeed !

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Not sure what the impact was (surely small), but Amazon JP also had a late Cyber Monday campaign starting the same day as Smash release. It wasn't interesting enough for me to buy it, but they were selling special "Christmas sets" for Switch with the console, a game (among several, including Smash), a starting kit and a pretty Christmas gift box for the whole. Could have been nice for families, and timed well with a lot of marketing for people wanting Switch and Smash for a Christmas gift.


Would love to know the numbers to see how they managed to ride the wave... 

Amazing sales how does this compare to pokemon go pikachu/eevee?

I game on all consoles and PC

Holy crap! That's amazing!!

dx11332sega said:
Amazing sales how does this compare to pokemon go pikachu/eevee?

Double the combined first week sales.

I must admit: 278k is less than I thought, but good anyway

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