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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Unlocking Characters In Smash Is Like Repeatedly Getting Kicked In The Grapes


Don't really play Smash but this was hilarious lmao. Is it really that difficult for those who own the game?

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The game seems bipolar. It's very easy at times and very hard to unlock characters. Either way, I feel conflicted on it. It's sometimes rewarding, but it's kind of jarring when it isn't. Isn't this game supposed to let people play how they want?

I already unlocked every character on the roster with little to no trouble.

The CPUs in this game can be quite hard, yeah. I've lost a few of the character unlock matches too, and so have most of my friends, so I can imagine it being a bit of a nightmare for non-competitive players.

Edit: also, yeah. Keef Crew is always fun.

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Unlocked most of the characters through World of Light and never lost a battle to them. The Spirit-fights were harder

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I lost a few but didn't have too much trouble when I went for a rematch using a character I know pretty well. I think it was a bad idea to lock the vast majority of the roster though. I spent the first day unlocking everyone just so the game could get good (for me the main point of Smash Bros is the multiplayer), not many other games are allowed a pass on stuff like that.

for those that don't know yet the pikachu and eevee spirits unlock automatically december 14 for those who have a lets go save on their account.

It can be tough. HOWEVER the unlock fights in World of Light have been much easier than the traditional Challenger fights. And unlocking in WoL results in unlocking them across the game. So I am using that to sort of supplement unlocking through normal fights and Classic Mode. It's a bit more time consuming, but it's good there are multiple paths to a full roster. And WoL also has an Easy mode to help.

I only lost a challenge fight once. I did have some epically close calls, but other than that, I managed to get everyone. I got most of them via World of Light, which you have as many tries as you like to get them. So yeah, not too crazy.

For novice or new players, I can see them having trouble getting them all.



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Haven't unlocked everyone but there has been a couple where I had to re-hallenge them. Granted, this was while I played against friends with characters I wasn't always used to.

Wouldn't say they're HARD so much as it can be HARDER than in past games (excluding World of Light).

The game's great btw.