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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 now "well over" 6m units sold through in the UK

Basically Christopher Dring just tweeted that PS4 this year is over 1m sales (as of last week), and "well above" 6m total now in the UK.



Currently VGC has the PS4 in the UK at 5.5m as of november 3rd.
( well above 6m, has to be atleast 6.2m right? PS4 is undertracked on VGC for the UK )

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also this:

"How does that compare to the poor old Xbox One?"
"They're on just under 5m"

Currently VGC has Xbox One at 4.4m in the UK, when in fact it might be closer to 4,8 or 4,9m.... as of early december.
Well above 6m in the UK, has to translate into something like ~6.2m or so right? for the PS4.

Seems like Xbox is probably also undertracked in the UK by vgc.

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Means VGC tracking as almost spot on.

yeah somewhere between 6.1-6.4M seems like for the UK I'd say. But vague enough to not be sure.
Xbox at roughly 4.8-4.9 and the Switch at 1.4 (also confirmed by Chris) it looks like all consoles are undertracked in the UK by quite a bit.


Edit: Current VGC data was more than a month old, so they might actually be pretty close.

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that sounds really great, big mumber for only one country

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Intrinsic said:
Means VGC tracking as almost spot on.

Considering the numbers are about a month behind during the busiest time of the year, yeah. We get access to these numbers for free too. People are being a little harsh.

If PS4 is around 6'2-6'4M at the start of December, and VGC show PS4 around 5'5M just a month ago....that means PS4 is very undertracked here in my opinion, because at VGC pace PS4 should be around 5'7-5'8M at the start of December. Half a million less in a year in a market like UK is important. It could be the same across all Europe too explaning why Europe this year is so down compared to last year when in USA and JP PS4 is flat or even up.

If Europe is around 1M undertracked all over Europe that means we'll see some big adjustments in a few weeks....


Edit: or maybe in just one month PS4 is going to sell 500k-600k units in UK..., everything is possible...

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Switch is also at 1.4 million sold through in the UK, compared to 1 million currently on vgchartz. It did sell 200k in the UK in 3 weeks recently there but that still wouldn't be enough.


So many hasty people! 

The YTD hardware sales total on vgc is always as of the latest weekly software sales update.

Latest weekly software sales update is as of 3rd of November. 

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Looks like vgchartz isn't that far off