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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Nintendo Switch games are you excited for next year?


How many Switch games are you buying next year?

1-5 13 30.23%
6-20 25 58.14%
21-50 4 9.30%
51-??? 0 0%
None 1 2.33%

There are lots of great games I wanna add to my collection specifically, Pokemon that Nintendo promised next year. I'm gonna try grid the first good racing game. and If Nintendo has a release date hopefully 2019 for both Bayonetta 3 and Metroid. Also, Want that Crash team racing game. Games I'm not excited anymore but hope they sell loads in the millions are Travis strikes again, Dauntless, and Mortal Kombat 11. Gonna buy Sonic team racing on Xbox One X instead but yeah, Hope alot more Switch games get announced .


Excited for list currently will edit if you mention a game I missed or just peaked my interest?

Buy List




Bayonetta 3

Metroid Prime 4

Crash Team Racing

Daemon X Machina

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I just watched the fire emblem trailer for probably the 100th time, so that, but also:

Bayonetta 3
Metroid Prime 4
All FF games
Dragon quest XI (?)
Travis strikes again
Daemon x machina
Tales of vesperia
Luigis mansion
Doom eternal
Shin megami tensei V

Some of these probably wont release until 2020 but I missed a bunch also.
I tend to buy 2-3 physical releases per month + indie digitals.

Fire emblem 3 houses
Neptunia RPG if that comes out stateside
Metroid prime 4

Pokemon Generation 8
Pokemon is pretty much the only reason I bought a Switch in the first place.

1. Fire Emblem Three House
2. Town
3. Bayonetta 3
4. Daemon X Machina
5. Luigis Mansion 3
6. Crash Team Racing or Sonic Team Racing
7. Animal Crossing
8. Trials Rising
9. Travis Strikes Again
10. Metroid Prime 4
11. Metroid Prime Trilogy
12. Pokemon 2019
0. Pikmin 4

On the fence:
Digimon Surivive,
Doom Eternal,
Tales of Vesperia or Sword Art Online (or Persona 5 Golden?!)
Lots of indies and I have over 30 games on my wishlist.

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Pokemon, The Caligula Effect, Doom eternal, Fire Emblem 3 Houses and Persona 5. It has to come out close to the release of the Smash DLC, so I'm pretty sure it will be announced for next year.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Metroid Prime 4
Crash Team Racing
Tales of Vesperia

I'm 99% getting Bayonetta 3 and Pokémon, but I wouldn't say I'm excited for them, I need more info on them.

I'll prob end up with over 20 games bought I think, most that's been announced im gonna get on Switch. Already over 80 games for Switch so 2019 gonna put me way over 100.

MP4(if 2019)
Animal Crossing
Luigis Mansion 3
Daemon X Machina
Sonic Racing
MK11(if no collectors for ps4)
DOOM Enternal(double dipping)
Crash racing
Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem
Bayo 3
Toejam N Earl
Chocobo Dungeon
FF12(just to buy it)
FF7(Just to have it on ANOTHER platform)
Crystal Chronicles
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

that's all I can think of off the top of my head, there are a few ''maybe's'' in my list above as we dont know if stuff like MP4 or Bayo 3 will release in 2019 and also i didnt bother including SMV because i dont even consider it existing yet.

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1. Pokemon 8 gen
2. Yoshi's Crafted World
3. Crash Team Racing

4. Digimon Survive

But my most wanted Switch games are: Metroid Prime 4, Pikmin 4, Star Fox Racing (or other Retro game), new Anouma Team game, new Mario Team game

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Celeste physical edition
Daemon x Machina
Doom Eternal
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy X and X2
Final Fantasy 12
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Luigi's Mansion 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Mortal Kombat 11
New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
Pokemon(maybe, we'll see)
Shovel Knight Complete Edition
Tales of Vesperia
The Messenger physical edition
The Raven Remastered
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes(maybe)
Yoshi's Crafted World

And if they are released in 2019
Bayonetta 3
Metroid Prime 4

Probably forgot something

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