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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - SSBU: Predict Dec NPD Sales (US)! (Will it Break the Record?)



First Month sales US only. Nintendo will most likely give us total numbers if not NPD only covers its retail. But we all know Nintendo will brag...


For a comparison here ia the top of the top..


Predict sales




Best selling exclusive games on their 1st NPD month

1/ Halo 3 : 3.3 millions, September 2007
1/ Halo Reach : 3.3 millions, September 2010
3/ Halo 2 : 3.27 millions, November 2004
4/ Halo 4 : 3.2 millions, November 2012
4/ Pokemon Sun/Moon : ~3.2 millions (estimate), November 2016
6/ Super Smash Bros Brawl : 2.7 millions, March 2008
7/ Spiderman : 2.6+ millions, September 2018
8/ Pokemon Black & White : 2.5 millions, March 2008
9/ GTA San Andreas : 2.06 millions, October 2004
10/ God of War : 1.9 millions, April 2018

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Saving for predictions...

Yes it will, I don't see how it wouldn't be able to when it has so much time to do so. I see 4.1 million happening 

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One reason it might not get it, is because Nintendo doesn't share Digital. I swear if it gets like 3.2 million!


It will. Anyone who guessed 12m+ shipped for December are kind of obligated to say it will.

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It will at least beat Brawl. I predict 3 million and even that might be low-balling it because the December-factor might push it even higher.

I'll say somewhere close to 3 million but that doesn't include digital.

The top four spots are Halo... Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

OP: It'll be close, but I think it will.

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Oh December, not FW?Then its going to be somewhere along 5.5 millions.Book it!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Yes. Also, this thread needs a poll. Crazy how it took 11 years to beat Halo's record.

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