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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - DOOM on Switch gets new patch for franchise anniversary from PanicButton with improved performace, video capture, add recent players to friends

Believe it or not, Bethesda and Panic Button haven’t stopped updating Doom on Switch. Version 1.2 has gone live on the console today.

As far as new stuff goes, you can now add recent players to your Friend List. Video capture is also supported. Finally, players can look forward to improved technical performance.

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Now, I really need to kick my butt and get this one in January !

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I have to continue this game, maybe on the coming vacations. But the though of that big download and this new patch is making my will to play dwindle.

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Very cool (and unexpected) that they're still updating this. Seems like the days of putting out bad ports to Nintendo hardware and just abandoning them may be over.

Time to dive back in to hell!

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I'll check it out tomorrow. I hope there are still people that play the online.

Awesome news. I haven't finished the campaign yet, so looking forward to seeing the improvements.

I gave up on Doom, very fun game but running out of weapons way too soon didn't motivate me to pursue my adventure after landing on Hell. I prefered Wolfenstein II and rushed it within hours

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This updating may a result of the work on Doom Eternal. While Doom Eternal is a new engine version, adjustment made for that for Switch may be applied back to Doom. So it probably is not much extra work but mostly work they do for Eternal anyway. But still nice, they could just forget about the first Doom, but they go the extra mile to apply patches to the already released product.

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