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Forums - Movies Discussion - Bumblebee currently sitting at 95% on RT.

With 21 reviews counted as of this posting, Bumblebee's is currently at a 95% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This is quite surprising considering how poorly the Transformers live-action films have performed critically, with the original having a 58% and three of the four sequels having less than 20%.

While there are still likely further reviews to come in and its score could drop, early reviews are definitely glowing for this Transformers spin-off/prequel.


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The trailers were really good. I absolutely hated the last time i went to see a transformer movie but this looks like everything the franchise should have been.
Don't think it will be a huge success due to big competition during the holiday season and people hating the franchise but it can help revive it maybe.
People will probably wait and check the movie once it's available on streaming platforms.

A Transformers movie in the 90s on Rotten Tomatoes? Is this a joke? Even the 1986 animated Transformers movie never got there, and for years it'd been considered the best one.

It can get whatever it wants. The movie looks like crap to me. Have zero desire to see it.

Transformers movies are great and i say whether it gets good review or bad i tend to be the best critic myself

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Ditching Michael Bay has it's benefits, it seems.

Over 100 mill budget.

Angelus said:
Ditching Michael Bay has it's benefits, it seems.

But I doubt it'll have anything as heart-wrenching as this:

Fuck you, Megatron.

Angelus said:
Ditching Michael Bay has it's benefits, it seems.

They ditched him ? Okay, I'll go give it a chance then :)

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That's surprising considering that it looks crushingly similar to the main movies in almost every aspect you can count. I'm not planning to watch it, anyway.

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