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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So I finally got around connecting my 8bitdo controller to the Switch

...and it works surprisingly well. 


I have a NES30 (NES controller with button layout of the SNES controller) that I used in a RPi emulation box. I’ve had it for some time since before the Switch released but never gotten around connecting it. 


So I finally did it and it works really well for everything that doesn’t need more input options than a SNES game


I give 8bitdo 8/10

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8bitdo, love that thing. Essential for anyone with multiple systems.

when it comes to the Switch I've been fairly happy with every single controller for it, from the pro controller I got recently to the cheapo knock off wired Hori version of the pro controller (which lacks rumble and gyro controls) also I picked up a great little adapter which allows the use of a wired X360 or the wireless dongle for a wireless X360 pad and that works fantastic too... I've even found myself playing some Switch games with a GC controller using the Wii-U GC adapter which launched for Smash4 on that system... all flawless...

the only controller I've had major issues with, is the joycons themselves, the ones I got with my system suffer homelessness after a matter of feet away from the system and the analogue sticks in them are most certainly not made of the standard Nintendium, sure I've used the system in handheld mode long enough for it to now have a bend along the back but still, having to replace both sticks in the Joycons was a bit of a shock to me which made me very glad that the little pads are removable from the main unit. That ghosting issue the early version suffer is really awful and quite widespread especially worse when you consider that a pair of them costs 60-70e

Cool to read that the 8bitdo works perfectly as well, I might add that to the list of other controllers I can use while my switch isn't a handheld!

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8bitdo is a great tool! However if anybody is trying to use it use their own controllers to play competitively there's just a very minor lag input compared to if using the actual controllers meant for the systems. But im sure majority of players that use 8bitdo isnt using it for competitive gaming.