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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Fallout Game?


Favourite Fallout Game?

Fallout 49 2.77%
Fallout 2 97 5.49%
Fallout Tactics 14 0.79%
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 5 0.28%
Fallout 3 435 24.60%
Fallout: New Vegas 336 19.00%
Fallout Shelter 34 1.92%
Fallout 4 207 11.71%
Fallout 76 128 7.24%
None of them 463 26.19%

Following on from Fallout 76's recent launch, this week's front page poll is all about the Fallout series. Which entry is VGC's favourite? And perhaps almost as interesting - which is the site's least favourite? 


Note - the final round of the Favourite Developer Tournament will take place next week.

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I voted for 3. It's the only one that I was able to get into (I've only played 3, NV, and 4.) But, really, I don't care much for the series.

I've only played 3, 4 and New Vegas i think New Vegas is the least bad of them.

I'm in the minority since I started playing with the original Fallout (1). To me, it's the best RPG ever made. Your choices have weight, it has tons and tons of quests and adventures on its world (which isn't huge by today's standards but still feels large enough). The story is excellent, the ending is perhaps the most memorable ending to a video game I've ever experienced aside from MGS1 and FFVII. Oh also, the gameplay is freaking great.

If you read this and haven't played it just cause it's old or because it isn't an FPS, please give it a chance. It's Magnificent with a capital M!

I've only played Fallout 3 and 4. And out of those, I greatly prefer Fallout 4. Aside from the dialog options and such, I though Fallout 4 improved in nearly every aspect.

- Much better combat, so you can play without always having to use vats as a crutch, now that the RNG bullshit is gone. The feel of the guns are much better.
- A better designed open world (commonwealth was more fun and interesting to explore, with more variety than the capital wasteland)
- Better graphics all around (this one is sort of cheating, but still)
- Removal of that stupid karma system (losing karma when nobody can see you was bullshit), weapon degradation (has no place here),
- adding the ability to actually run in game
- adding mod support on console, adds a lot of longevity to the game
- Looting felt much better and quicker due to the menu that pops up, not having to open a seperate screen
- conversation occurring in real time, time doesnt stop anymore.
- actual factions to ally or make enemies with, when Fallout 3 had none.
- No more heaps of useless junk items, every little item has a purpose and can be used to build something.
- A better and more vibrant color palette, no more puke green filter
- Unpopular opinion, but settlements. They were actually pretty fleshed out so you could go ham with them. Though I understand, not everybody has the patientce to build something for four hours.

The only misstep/step backwards I would say, was limiting the dialog options to just 4, and only having one word despcriptors for it. And there werent many options to end things peacefully, you were always pushed into combat.

Unlike others, I was perfectly fine with the perk system and voiced protagonist in Fallout 4 as well.

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New Vegas.

Two of the DLC's seemed pretty enjoyable. Lonesome road + old world blues, were awesome. (Dead money was just alright, but honest hearts DLC was down right terrible.)

Really wish they would of ported Fallout 3 and New Vegas to PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch already, as they were really fun games and I believe they would have plenty of players willing to get it. Bethesda has been really oblivious or strategically avoiding serving that market to appease their own leveraging investments, like making Fallout 76 and their bond with Microsoft this gen as well as last gen.

Fallout 3 way better than new vague us

Favorite is new Vegas, accidentally ended up clicking on 76. Now if you excuse me I have a hand to remove

Of the ones I've played so far:

3 > 4 > New Vegas > 76 > Shelter > >  1

Didn't like 1 at all when I tried it a few years ago when they were giving it away for free.

I haven't played any of them, but Fallout 76 just for the funny memes that came from it.