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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Smash Bros Ultimate: UK-Fastest selling Switch Game (Best Selling SSB Game FW)

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So, with digital, the number should be much higher. I don't know how the digital version of the game was charting in the UK, but in the US, it was tracking close to the top, right next to the physical version.
Even now on Amazon, it's in the top 20, while the physical version is #1.
I think we're going to see a strong digital rate for this game compared to other Nintendo games.

That makes me think! Can someone recall the numbers from previous entries ? Great launch. Let se them replicate in the order continents. Benji said that launch sales will be today. Total success and the games deserve it 

So above 110k? Good numbers,pretty rare to see a Nintendo game doing that much over there.

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Its happening 15m first month believe

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Quick calculations gave me 128k, more than the 116k PKMN lets go did. Great numbers

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That's awesome! It's good to see great games see success.

That puts it at 128k without digital sales (number stolen from ResetEra).

Damn thats impressive, its locked that game will be at around 10 m shipped at end of December.

I bought a digital key off Amazon to gift my friend since that was the only way I knew to get a key to giveaway for gifts.  I'd imagine the digital rate is high.