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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Getting smashed in smash

So my 13 year old son who never was a fan of smash whooped me and his moms $$$ in smash can you guess who i am lol any pointers guys

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Does he typically beat you in games? His hand eye coordination will be only improve from here on out. The time comes for us all.

I'd watch it but I'm at work.

My 10 year old beat me 4 times legit...out of like 30 lol.

It makes me happy whenn they beat me...till I actually have to go all out and still lose that is...then I have to remember that I am the adult lol.

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Git gud.


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13 is just about the time a kid starts getting really good at gaming. I think the peak years are from around 16 to 24. So, I think it is safe to say that your days of beating your kid in video games are coming to a close, possibly permanently.