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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Current Gen Games Will You Be Willing to Buy Remasters of Next Gen?

I expect the next generation of consoles to be backwards compatible friendly but still think lots of publishers will port over existing games with better graphics or features. Are there any games this gen you know you will already be willing to buy if they are given a next gen upgrade for new hardware? It could be a game you already bought or a game you held off on buying until next gen.

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I’m a sucker for remasters probably whatever ones I enjoyed this gen

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Probably none. I'd more likely to buy remasters of games that are several years old, like games a gen or 2 behind. If it's a recent game, I'd rather just buy it now than wait. The only exceptions have been for titles on Switch, just for the portable aspect of the system.



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It depends on whether or not the next gen consoles have backwards compatibility.

But I will say, Smash Ultimate. Which sucks, because that will be the 2nd port already.

If PS5 and the next Xbox are fully BC with this generation I don't see why I would buy the games again remastered. I'm fairly positive next gen won't be a big jump in graphics, so I see no point unless I really want to go achievement hunting, then maybe? Still doubtful.

None, especially if they are backwards compatible. I would rather purchase games that will define the next generation and not games from the previous generation. Remakes of older games (4th/5th/6th generation) would be nice though!

I wouldn't say no to a Witcher trilogy remaster. Hopefully it happens. Only played the 2nd and 3rd..

ironmanDX said:
I wouldn't say no to a Witcher trilogy remaster. Hopefully it happens. Only played the 2nd and 3rd..


Witcher 1 would need to be reworked almost entirely.