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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch got a lot of love at The Game Awards this year

While I found this year's TGAs to be a a little too long and boring, there were some good announcements made. Chief among them is those regarding the Switch. While Nintendo themselves didn't take home any trophies this year, compared to where they won GOTY for Breath of the Wild last year. Plenty of Switch games, and games with Switch versions were nominated at the event this year. But best of all, many game announcements this year also have given the Switch lots of attention. Mortal Kombat's returning to a Nintendo console for the first time in more than a decade with its newest entry. Crash Team Racing Nitro is also coming after the success of the N-Sane Trilogy. Several Indie titles like Stranger Things 3 and Phoenix Lab's new game are arriving. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is an exclusive. And Nintendo dropped a bomb-shell on everyone with Persona 5 protagonist Joker being Smash Bros. Ultimate's first main DLC character.

If 2018 wasn't an indicator third parties are starting to take the Switch seriously before, then the announcements at this years TGAs should make it absolutely clear.

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I agree. But still I wish there was something Metroid related. I don't like Smash at all(or Pokemon for that matter). But that's just me. I wish there was something for me, I've been waiting the whole year..

Theres already a thread for this exact topic.

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