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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which size is your Switch microSD?


Which size is your Switch microSD?

512 GB 1 1.52%
400 GB 8 12.12%
256 GB 9 13.64%
200 GB 7 10.61%
128 GB 29 43.94%
64 GB 4 6.06%
32 GB 1 1.52%
16 GB 0 0%
8 GB 0 0%
We don't need no stinkin' memory cards! 7 10.61%

With microSD cards becoming cheaper and cheaper, I'm curious what capacity is the most common currently.


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I recently upgraded to a 256 Samsung.

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128 gb. I would've liked a bigger one, but right now this one is working well.

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I only have a 32 GB at the moment, but I may upgrade in the coming weeks; my wife and I actually had a conversation about it last night. I think 128 GB would be plenty, and even 64 GB may be a worthwhile upgrade.

128gb, about half full at this point.


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200 GB. Works for me.

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None at the moment. I dont plan to buy many digital games for the Switch and hope the internal storage is enough.

But.....If it can play movies and music then ill get one hehe