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I prefer...

Xbox 35 41.67%
Sega 49 58.33%

It's no secret that the majority of our userbase here at VGChartz are either Nintendo or Playstation fans.

But if we remove these two dominant brands from the equation for a moment, which do you prefer out of the next two biggest, Xbox and Sega? (As hardware manufacturers, so basically 1985-2001 Sega, not 2002-present Sega)

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I love both I really wanna see a dreamcast 2 . Sega plz comeback ? If atari came back this gen which they did with Atari VCS that cost 300 and is financially worse Sega should atleast make its comeback in 2021?

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Too hard to choose, I love both.

thats a tough call. Sega attempted to do a lot more, but in the end they were too ambitious (too many consoles, overly competitive with Nintendo) and it led to their downfall. Microsoft has been playing it annoyingly safe (no Xbox exclusives) but they have the potential to do so much more.

I really did enjoy the XB, and the 360. Until I didn't. Plus I more or less equally enjoyed the Genny and DC. The blinding hate for the parent company is the determining factor for me. I'll take Sega with a Seaman launch bundle over MS ever having existed.

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Sega. Not only did they make great hardware, except the Saturn.... they were some of the best game developers around in terms of 1st party.

Xbox has definitely been the better console brand over Sega since the latter lost a lot of it's magic after the Genesis ...

Probably Xbox. The 360 is just amazing. Sega wasn't really great after the Genesis.

Sega consoles failed to impress me. Nintendo always did things better. I never brought an OG Xbox however from what i hear the DC was inferior to it in every possible way.
That plus Sega failed to deliever on the 1st party front while Xbox didnt. All Sega had was the name.
Besides Xbox is the spiritual successor to Sega. Basically took over when Sega departed.

fatslob-:O said:
Xbox has definitely been the better console brand over Sega since the latter lost a lot of it's magic after the Genesis ...

Sega stopped being good at the half way mark of the Genisis's life. 32X and Sega CD was Sega's downfall before the Saturn even released.