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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you like Motion Blur in games?


Motion Blur in games?

I like it 6 12.00%
Depends on the game 17 34.00%
No, I turn it off if I can 27 54.00%

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago. We are both PC gamers, so we were chatting about game performance, visual effects, and how we play our games.

That was when he said: "I always turn off motion blur wherever I can. It's a useless effect. It's just a waste of performance."

However, he's not the first person I see that don't like Motion Blur. There's a lot of gamers out there that shares the opinion of my friend.

What do you think? Well, as for me, I kinda enjoy it in racing games, like the screenshot above. But I turn it off if I wanna more performance. Otherwise, I don't mind it too much.

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I always turn it off, if there's an option too at least.

Ride The Chariot

I always turn it off. Will not play a game with motion blur as it can cause me uneasiness for long duration of play.

First Person games where they use motion blur when you turn quickly is annoying. I think Dead Island Remastered did this quite a lot. It's often used as a trick to try and hide low framerates when moving the camera so you'll see it more often in 30fps or sub 30fps games like this.

I usually like motion blur in racing games though.

Depends on the game, but most of the time, I either reduce it or turn it off completely (on PC, mods can take this many steps further - allowing for different types of blur).


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Off. I don't see blurry when driving.

Motion blurr is something I don't understand. Why add it in the first place? It obscures the game's details and causes dizzyness.

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I hate it turn it off any chance i get

Any type of blur is bad. I was looking at NBA2K18 on Switch vs PS4 and I hate that the PS4 backgrounds are blurred out while Switch's are clear. I first remember seeing blur in racing games and Pro Evolution Soccer on Wii and I thought it was tacky then and I still believe it to be tacky today.

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Ew no.