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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When do you expect first "PRICE CUT" for Switch?

The Ps4 got the first Price cut after 2 years, do you think we can expect the same for switch? on the other side, wouldn't a price cut hurt the 3ds sales...?

or can we say nintendo even don't need a price cut in the near future, because the upcoming games...

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I remember Shadow1980 posting a very good and interesting comment about price-cuts regarding consoles and how a lot of time they aren't that big of a deal. Don't know if that's true, but even if it was, I think that this is very different for handheld consoles - where a lot of the selling point is getting it as an individual console.

So honestly, Nintendo probably should make a price cut around the time Animal Crossing launches, or around the time holidays come (if AC is a Q3/4 title). I have no doubt they could sell a shit ton without one, though.

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Switch doesn't need to cut the price next year at all...Switch will sell at least 17M consoles next year. if you cut the price to, for example, 250$, you need 20'5M consoles sold in the same period of time to generate the same revenue, but problably not the same profit.

Switch in 2019 is going to be fine with Smash, Pokemon, and the rest of the evergreen titles....

I don't know if they will straight out cut the price, but they may come up with another version that is cheaper. Or the other scenario is that the newer version is improved and keeps the same price and then they cut the price of the older version to clear out inventories.

Close to Pokemon 2019 and animal crossing to draw in the 3ds crowd that isn't use to paying $300 for Nintendo handhelds

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Just before the launch of Pokemon and Animal Crossing is my bet. Assuming a $50 drop, 3DS will still be $100 cheaper and they could just price cut it as well.

I could see them do one at the beginning of 2019 if they are in jeopardy missing their goals of selling 20mio Switch. Otherwise I expect one in around a year.

Not before the end of next year at least (which I mean november).

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I think its first price cut will happen either this coming summer or next fall.

Probably a smaller sized Nintendo Switch to launch for $199 in 2019 before next year's Pokemon (or Before Animal Crossing possibly).

When that launches, they could drop the 2DS to $49.99, the N2DS XL to $99.99, and then just keep the OG Nintendo Switch at $299.99, but bundle a game with it.

Will be a nice boost to 2019 YoY Hardware Sales for sure (beyond what 2019's game lineup will already boost it to).