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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Mass Effect: Andromeda THAT bad? Worth a buy?

I'm tempted to buy it since I've just noticed it's down to around £10 on Amazon, and despite never actually finishing ANY of the other Mass Effect games, I did enjoy the gameplay and what I played of the story.

Now, I've heard a ton of bad things about Andromeda, I've seen all the memes, the horrendous facial animations and such, but I've also heard SOME of it was fixed through patches... so just wondering how it is now? Worth buying for that price? (Works out at about $13)

Would love to hear opinions from people that have played it, although try not to go into spoiler territory.

Also another question; Would I be fine going into the game without finishing the original trilogy? I'm hearing quite a few different answers about the story, some saying it's basically a hard reboot with absolutely nothing to do with the original games, some are saying it ties into them and others just saying there's references here and there... so yeah.

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I don't know anybody who has actually finished the game.

For what its worth, the meta scores weren't that bad even when the game was a mess at launch.

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After the fixes it's not THAT bad. It's a decent scifi adventure, I think most of the bad rap it gets is because naturally it's compared to the original ME trilogy, and it doesn't quite rise up to the same level.
In my opinion, you can enjoy Andromeda even if you have no knowledge of the original trilogy. The original games were about the impending doom that was about to wipe out everyone in our galaxy and getting ready to fight, whereas Andromeda is about a "plan B" where a portion of all the races are sent out to a different galaxy far away to find a new home. It's a "meanwhile in another galaxy" story.

No not at all. Game was just a victim of a hate bandwagon. The gameplay is the best the series has ever had and the story is pretty great. Obviously it's not a "Reapers destroying the universe" type story (not yet anyway) so the stakes aren't that high but it's a pretty thrilling plot and the antagonist is far better than the first ME game's villian. You really should give it a chance. It's a great experience and game.

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It's not bad, just quite an average game I'd say and that's not what you would have wanted to hear about a Mass Effect game not too long ago. I actually tried re-playing it like a month ago, and while I was having fun in the beginning, I lost interest in playing further after about 4 hours.

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I really enjoyed it, one of my favourite games of this generation.

I didn't finish it but it wasn't THAT bad of a game. Bad compared to the original trilogy though, for 10 bucks I'd buy it.

I bought it for £6.50 on sale on psn earlier this year and loved it. I've played the original trilogy and although this isn't as good as that, got to bare in mind this was setting up a larger story which we probably won't get to see.

I put a good 40-50 hours into it doing side quests and exploring. It didn't feel like a grind like when I played far cry 5 or AC Origins. I defo had more fun with Andromeda.

No it's not that bad. It's a fun game, but it doesn't live up to the quality of other mass effect games when it comes to story, characters and lore. Also types of newer alien races is very low which is disappointing. But just an FYI it's gameplay isucj better IMO and a lot more fun to play. For 10 bucks I'd say sure get it, it's a fun game but don't expect a gem of a game or genre defining game.

Also I took the male character of the game, he is a bitch.

It's a good game. I not only finished it but I got every achievement/trophy.

It's just not as good as any of the other mass effect games and was a complete mess at launch. Now it's complete and runs well as well as looks great for the most part.. Decent story too.