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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Basketball (the game) out tommorrow for Switch


Better than Life of a Black Tiger?

This has PS1 game charm! 1 16.67%
Sadly this is worse graphics than LoaBT 5 83.33%


"Basketball is a fast-paced game that does not need fancy basketball shoes to play - but that doesn’t mean you don’t need skill! It takes practice to win.

Show off your best moves on the court - block shots, steal the ball and even make a slam dunk! Have you got what it takes to win the Urban Basketball championship?"

I cant believe how poorly this games graphics are.
Does Nintendo need to be more strict with what it allows to be sold on the Switch?

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...what the fuck

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
...what the fuck

Basically my thoughts as well.
I know PS4 probably has some ugly looking games too, but this one takes the cake imo.

How did this make it through quality control?

Am I the only one that thinks shovelware should be kept off consoles?

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It's like I went back in time to 1996.

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Is this one of the games they're adding to the NES Online next month?

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It looks bad, that's unquestionable, the thing is that wouldn't stop me from playing it (for half that price tho), so its a matter of preference, I think all and every fully functional-not broken game should be allowed specially in online stores, let the consumer decide

Ouch!...and I thought L.A. Noire looked rough.

Why dont you ask sony to to take off life of black tiger off their store? They even went as far as to have a trailer for it on their youtube channel.

Bet with Intrinsic:

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Hahaha nintendo seems to have beem bamboozled by this clown game
Hopefully they dont allow more crap with nintendo 64 graphics to be sold as a modern game