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Forums - Sony Discussion - PSVR Backwards Compatibility and Random Spewings

I recently purchased what I believe to be my final Ps4 game (Dragon Quest XI) bringing my collection to 80 plus Ps4 games.  Kingdom Hearts III will be purchased for another platform (maybe).  With it being one to two years before the next console generation releases I will use that time to complete other platform collections or begin a new one (PSVR).

Horror, Skyrim, and Borderlands II are creating the temptation to jump into VR.  I held off because I thought the tech was still too new and I wanted to wait for it to be more polished.  Ps5 will probably have better VR tech. but will it be able to play the current Ps4 VR?  If I knew for sure I wouldn't hesitate jumping in now and just upgrade my hardware later.  

If I went VR, it would be the 4th time purchasing both Skyrim and Borderlands II and it would suck to have to purchase it a 5th time.  But if Ps4 VR is playable on the Ps5 VR and maybe even enhanced, then starting now would be a nice head start for my next generation collection.

Anyone out there with inside information can share it with me, I can keep a secret. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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Sony probably doesn't even know yet and I doubt psvr2 will be there at launch for ps5.

PSVR, especially the ZRV2 unit, is good enough for now. Since you don't even need a tv to play VR you can always put the console with VR on the side when you need the space for the ps5 under the telly. You already enjoy those games enough to buy 4 times, so why worry about a potential 5th purchases in 2 or 3 years. I expect psvr2 to get more current ports with all the improvements new controllers will allow.

PSVR could be made to run on PS5, perhaps with some super sampling or running at native 120fps for the games that allow that. PSVR2 won't be compatible though. It needs new controllers and a different tracking method to move forward. Most current PSVR games can of course be patched to run on PSVR2, yet I expect that needs to happen on a game by game basis to support the new controllers. (for those that use the move)

It's all speculation. Don't expect anything, no point in waiting, enjoy it now :)

I would be quite a bit disappointed if PS5 wasn't bc with PSVR1 + games (might need an adapter for the PS Cam "USB" connection). Even just running automatic bc at PS4Pro settings would be worthwhile imo, especially if some devs patch in PS5 settings. They probably want to keep compatibility with the Aim controller anyway (maybe that one will get an adapter for PSVR2 tracking).

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I don't think even regular PS4 games will be BC since Sony makes a lot of money on remasters, let alone they also make good BC on PSVR.

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It would be crazy to carry over the PSVR to PS5. Tracking with that shitty camera is just too damn dated. I mean it works well enough when you set it up just right. But it clearly has many many flaws. I think it's better for Sony to start something completely new with PSVR2 and not even think about BC. The inside-out-tracking from Windows Mixed Reality headsets is real good, I would like to see something like that. Would also make development easier as devs wouldn't have to develop for two headsets.

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