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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will "next generation" have a mid-upgrade like PRO and X?

what do you think? will the generation of playstation and xbox have a mid upgrade like the pro and x...? we see still great sales numbers this hardware generation, maybe because of this upgrade of hardware...

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I think so, within about 4 years after the original base launch.

Pretty much set in stone at this stage.


Most likely but i hope not

If it does then I hope they don't have one in the beginning of the gen too, like the "2 skus" people are predicting (not trying to be antagonistic, that's a fine prediction, I just don't want two pro models)

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Almost certainly given the success of the current ones.

It depends on chip fabrication.

It took 4yrs to go from 65nm to 28nm fabrication. And 6yrs to go from 2nm to 14nm. And about 4yrs to go from 14nm to 7nm (assuming there are no surprises).

And these node shrinks are getting harder and harder with each passing shrink (just ask intel).

The Pro and X models are a by product of such a node shrink. If in 3-4 years after the new consoles are released we have a shrink from 7nm to say 4nm then it will be possible for them to make consoles about twice as powerful for around whatever it cost them when the consoles launched.

If it takes 7yrs for that node shrink to come? then that will be PS6 we are talking about.

Undoubtedly. Probably around 2024.

Very likely. MS more or less told us that a few years ago when they talked about the end if generations. They haven't talked much about that in the last couple years though, so maybe they changed their mind. Still, I think a mid-gen upgrade is likely, and desireable, assuming there has been adequate technological progress in time.

i say no. beef them up so they wont go obsolete for a good while, then just replace them with the nest gen when its time