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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which developer should Sony acquire?



Platinum Games - Bayonetta 7 10.14%
From Software - Dark Souls, Bloodborne 19 27.54%
Codemasters - Grid, Dirt 1 1.45%
Kojima Productions - Death Stranding 20 28.99%
DontNod - Vampyr 0 0%
Others 14 20.29%
Multiple developers 8 11.59%

Sony has published amazing games on PS3 and PS4 unrivalled by the competition. Spiderman, Infamous series, God of War 3 and God of War, The Last of Us, Resistance series, Killzone 2 and 3, Gran Turismo 6 and Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn are fucking brilliant. The competition has nothing on Sony though they have a few amazing games as well, overall their lineup pales compared to Sony. But Microsoft is turning the tables with its new first party studios.

Microsoft has acquired Ninja Theory, developers of hack and slash game DMC: Devil May Cry which had phenomenal combat, Playground Games who developed two best arcade racing games of all time Forza Horizon 3 and 4 and Obsidian who have a reputation for making amazing RPGs though I haven't played any of their games. Sony will have a difficult time next gen and they got to play their cards right. Studio acquisitions are likely because Sony promised in their fiscal report that they will focus more on in house product development.

The developers Sony has are not enough to counter Microsoft's existing and new teams together and Nintendo's growing presence in the home console space with the Switch. Which studio do you want them to buy? There are a number of them Sony should buy such as Platinum Games, From Software which is my favourite developer and Codemasters for racing games.

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No one, the games industry shouldn't be about platform holders trying to have as many developers as possible on their pay roll.

Make new studios or make existing studios bigger.

none. while Sony has been performing amazingly this generation is would still be a risky move for them to make a huge purchase like that. especially when its right at the turn of the generation. but if any, Kojima would be easily scooped up

From software

Seems about right


Edit: as a side bonus they should buy EA as well :D


But in all honesty the only one i think they are likely to buy is perhaps Kojima productions, but i dont really expect them to do such a thing.

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Id get rid of London studios and North west studious and probably pixelopus and use that money I used on all 3 studios for Kojima production acuisition and constantly support kojima with big bucks

I game on all consoles and PC

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Nah they only need to acquire those that meet up with their need, QD, Insomniac etc

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

Supermassive games
Monolith soft
From Software

They don't need to.

Sony 1st party has never been so successful, showing fresh ideas and seeing big returns.

Just keep making exclusive publishing deals with 3rd parties.


Carl said:
They don't need to.

Sony 1st party has never been so successful, showing fresh ideas and seeing big returns.

Just keep making exclusive publishing deals with 3rd parties.

Haha, almost read that as "Sony's 1st party has never been successful" 


How come no one has punched a hole in this guys theory so far?

Do you have any idea how many studios first and second party sony has under its belt. Even if MS acquires 5 studios it still wont be at par.