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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will people rage at pokémon 2019?

We all know that the new pokemon will be part of the core series and will have the mechanics people are used to, but...

We know nintendo has been marketing the switch as a home console, do you think people will rage at the new pokemon game, if it doesn't have a good leap in graphics?

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I’m sure it will have a good enough leap to be fine.

I will, because I already know it's gonna be shit.

But people in general? Nah.

More than they did for Let's Go? Nah.

I think it will turn out fine, it has been in development for a while now so I expect it to be a bigger leap than Let's Go in graphics. Gamefreak's new game, Town, already looks more impressive than Let's Go, so I think Pokémon 2019 will look at least as good as that game.

People will rage no matter what, but the reality is that this will be the first pokemon games made from the grounds up for consoles(I doubt let's go started on Switch), people will be mad for a day then love it the next. If Town is any indication, it will look good

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I truly believe 'Town' gives us an idea of what kind of graphical leap to expect from next year's Pokemon game, not in terms of art direction but in detail and scope.

For the graphics? I do hope that they don't use the same artstyle as Let's Go, but it's not something I care much about. And I doubt that anyone is expecting great graphics from a Pokémon game.

There are lots of other things that they could do wrong, though.

With US/UM and let's go as last games, i don't think they can do much more disappointing for fans. It will probably be a new gen anyway so it will atleast have the new pokemons and graphics for it.

Only if GameFreak continues their streak of minimal efford and Go pandering. Not since HGSS have I seen a Pokemon game where they go the extra mile. After that, it was a gradual decline, Black/White/B2/W2 were really good, but they started the elimination of previous features. XY was very streamlined but the lack of features continued, and Sun/Moon/US/UM were so barebones and handholdy that I could not really enjoy it.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I would like them to use 2 continents again....