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Forums - Sales Discussion - Gaming Shopping - Thanksgiving and Black Friday Observations

I always go Black Friday and, since it became a thing, Thanksgiving night shopping.  So, I have a pretty decent basis for comparison, especially considering that I generally come to this exact lication (Best Buy, Springfield, VA).  Here's my observation:

The store is busier than last year overall.  As for gaming, consoles seem to be moving much, much slower than last year. There is less action in the gaming area in general. With that said, they have only one of the $399 XB1X units remaining.  PS4 Pro also seems to be moving relatively well.  But, I see very little interest in regular PS4 and XB1S.  There is a giant stack of Switch units that looks about the same as it did when I got here an hour and a half ago.

It looks like only one PSVR bundle has been sold, and it was sold to me. 

So, in this tiny sample of very anecdotal evidence, gaming sales appear way, way lower than last year. I will update tomorrow when I hit Target and Walmart on Black Friday. 

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Console gaming is doomed.

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Honestly? The giant stack of switches is probably just there just in case. Aka early reserves for holidays.

My anecdotal evidence of yesterday is a small panic at Microplay as there was a run on the ps4 Spiderman bundle (CAD 270 and get a CAD 50 gift card). People were trying to get it a day early and getting annoyed they had to wait until BF... I'm going in an hour to pick up a ZVR2 PSVR unit, will see if there's anyone there.

I'm back, got my stuff. PS4 Spiderman bundle was sold out and pretty much pre-ordered for the new shipment. Switch and accessories were being sold as well, didn't see anyone buying xbox in the short time I was there.

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People buy online now including me i gave up on going to stores at midnight when everything i need is on the website

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I don't go shopping on Black Friday because I don't wanna be killed.

In my case, I saw plenty of people with the ps4 spider man bundle, a few people with switch but not a single customer with xbox.  That was between walmart and best buy.

Mediamarkt had 10k ps4 spiderman bundles all gone

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kirby007 said:
Mediamarkt had 10k ps4 spiderman bundles all gone

Were they snatched up with web? =P

Target in Falls Church VA is out of all sale bundles of all consoles, and only a couple PSVR bundles left as of 1:30pm Friday. I guess that is a good sign.