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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu: Pokémon let’s go sold 664,198 copies in 3 days // Switch HW 180,585

Just as the title says.
Media Create will probably have bigger numbers, because bundles.

Also Switch Hardware was 180,585 units for the week. 



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Very strong sales and moved 120k consoles!

It did very well, haven't got round to playing my copy yet so I'll decide if I'm glad it did well or not later! xD

Solid sales! Cant wait for that pacman chart!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Can it reach 2 million copies sold in its first week?

In Uk sold 116.000 and I expect numbers to be higher in France and Germany, and obviously in US.

polofresco said:
Can it reach 2 million copies sold in its first week?

In Uk sold 116.000 and I expect numbers to be higher in France and Germany, and obviously in US.

Unless it does proportionally a lot better in other regions than Japan compared to other Pokemon Games seems unlikely. UK sales compared to Japan sales were pretty similar to Sun/Moon (Roughly 6 times higher in Japan than UK.)

X/Y FW - 46.3% of sales in Japan
OR/AS FW - 43.3% of sales in Japan
S/M FW -  35.7% of sales in Japan
US/UM FW - 54.6% of sales in Japan

I think the reason S/M has a lower % in Japan is due to Japan being quicker to adopt new Nintendo Handhelds, so with time everywhere else catches up.

But I think for global sales we should expect 1.5-1.85m.

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Great sales for a great spin off. I’m enjoying it greatly. I’m looking forward to seeing what it sold world wide and what the switch pushed this week.

Good numbers overall for what it is. Im waiting on real.numbers from MC though lol.

We shouldnt use Attach ratio to compare its sales cuz even though it does have a disadvantage its not like its that small either (splat2 did the same with more than half the userbase

Lastly this game is doing alot better than numbers show. Higher price point is one example which is alpt considering almost half of the skus were from pokeball one (aka $$$)

Massive. Not many in the COMG charts thread were expecting that.

180k is monstrous! 4th biggest week for the Switch in Japan. The 3 others were launch week, and 2 in December... Wowza

I remember when this game was unveiled a significant number of people questioned whether it'd have any impact, Smash is out in two weeks so another possible large spike is coming.



Adding the UK numbers to this that means so far we know PLG has moved 780,198 copies.

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660+110+350+590 = +- 1710k first week

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