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Forums - Gaming Discussion - YR: this is the Marvel vs. Capcom 4 reveal trailer

How would you react if this was the reveal trailer for the hypothetical MvC4 they're supposedly working on? I thought I'd write this myself in light of Stan Lee passing away (R.I.P.):

Capcom presents...

Ryu marches out into an open street in a crowded city following the intro. He turns around and is met with the sudden appearance of Iron Man, landing via thrusters.

Marvel comics...

Ryu and Iron Man begin fighting. However, they're interrupted by the emergence of Wesker, who exits the nearby Baxter Building.

Cut to the sky, where Green Goblin and Morrigan fight in the air, shooting and dodging each other's projectiles. Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb at Morrigan. However, Morrigan splits into hordes of bats and reappears following the explosion. They begin fighting on top of his glider as Morrigan sends it into a tailspin towards the Oscorp Industries rooftop.

As this is happening, Leon S. Kennedy and Punisher are fighting on top of an apartment rooftop. They eventually draw pistols at each other after a short duel when "something" knocks them out of their hands. We see a pair of batons land in someone's gloves, during which time, Leon and Punisher turn around and we see DareDevil staring them both down from atop a gargoyle statue.

Elsewhere, Dante and Vergil are fighting Thor and Loki. Thor sends Dante flying off the edge of a rooftop with his hammer. However, Lady catches him in midair after flying in from her grappling hook. Lady fires multiple Kalina Ann rounds in all directions at the sons of Asgard. However, a red forcefield absorbs the blasts. The red barrier dissipates and we see Scarlet Witch standing in between Thor and Loki as they get ready for a 3-on-3 battle.

Meanwhile, Wesker begins pummeling Iron Man and Ryu, swatting them aside and evading their attacks. He gets ready to crush a powerless Iron Man's head with his foot when we see a sudden explosion in a nearby building. A swarm of velociraptors emerge from the flames with Regina soon following them.

Regina: "Go get him, boys!"

Wesker holds back as they swarm after him.

Cutting back to the apartment rooftop, DareDevil jumps off the statue and attacks and swarms the two men while dodging Punisher's LMG rounds and Leon's rolling knife lunge and kicks. However, DareDevil senses an explosive gadget headed his way with his sixth sense and grabs Punisher, narrowly evading it. All 3 men look up to the site of Ada Wong.

Ada: "Got room for one more?"

Leon and Ada nod at each other as they now find themselves in a 2-on-2 fight.

Meanwhile, the still-battling sons of Sparda and Asgard-along with Lady and Scarlet Witch-look up as a giant wormhole forms in the sky. Magneto appears alongside Mister Sinister, claiming they will soon control all mutants as they land on the roof of the Avengers Tower. Just then, they hear a familiar deep voice.

"Did somebody say 'mutants'?"

Wolverine makes his way into the landing area from the tower interior, now wielding burning claws. He is joined by Storm, Deadpool and Psylocke.

Marvel vs. Capcom 4

More big time character reveals would come in a later trailer of course, but yeah, what did you think?