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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 14 years later: thoughts on Doom 3?


I think it's a...

Great game 3 17.65%
Good game 8 47.06%
Okay game 6 35.29%
Weak game 0 0%
Shit game 0 0%

Doom 3 has long been the black sheep of the series. Released back in 2004, it eschewed the fast paced action of the first two games (and indeed the 2016 reboot) in favour of a slower-paced survival horror experience. This change in approach divided gamers; some liked the new style, some felt it diverged too far from what made the series great.

I played the Xbox port back in the day, and I could never quite make up my mind about it. It was well made for what it was, but what it was wasn't what I really expected and wanted. I do wonder though if I would enjoy it more if I went back and played it today; after all, I didn't like Metroid Prime when I first played it for similar reasons, only to fall in love with it on revisiting years later.

For those who've played it, what are your thoughts?

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I love Doom and Doom II, and also Doom 3. While the third game diverged dramatically from the first two installments, it’s still, to me, a great-looking, super-scary shooter with some enjoyable adventure elements (and one all-time great Easter egg).

It was a really great game, I never actually finished it but remember enjoying the shit out of what it bought to the table... that said what it bought to the table wasn't Doom it was more like a precursor to Dead Space than a Sequel to the Doom games which came before it, some amazing first encounters though and I always remember being blown away with how pretty that original Xbox version of it looked and still looks today or the even prettier BFG edition which came to the X360

Still though.... game was a touch dark lol

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The OG XBOX was a beast Doom 3 along with Riddick and HL2 was one of those games you knew your PS2 and the GC wouldn't be able to handle.

I enjoyed it enough to keep my screenshots of the game. It was dark yet very good looking on pc. The real time monitors were very well done as well as glass effects.

Lighting was top notch for the time. So good in fact it crippled my PC for the final fight which slowed my pc down to sub 10 fps :/

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oh the game that gave me a flashlight but no duct tape.

It was ok, while I enjoyed Doom back in 90s, I was more of a Quake fan.
I guess I would probably like it more if it wasn't for the fact that just few months earlier Chronicles of Riddick; Escape from Butcher Bay launched, Far Cry 1 few months before that, and they were both, at least for me, much better games...and then few months later HL2 Doom 3 really quickly faded away.

I enjoyed it with the expansion aswell. Its a decent game

Didn't it run with 15 fps on OG Xbox?

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A good game built around the limitations of its engine. I get that it's different but never really understood the complaints about it.