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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Best campaign of the Halo series, and why


I choose...

Halo: Combat Evolved 12 27.27%
Halo 2 7 15.91%
Halo 3 9 20.45%
Halo 4 3 6.82%
Halo 5 2 4.55%
Halo Reach 11 25.00%

Of the Halo games, which one do you think has the best single player campaign, and why?

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By far the first one. I think and this is just my opinion, Halo was never expected to be what it is today. Combat Evolved has indications of unfinished polish namely the checkpoints and loading. But even still, Bungie delivered one of my favorite gaming experiences ever with that game.
Part two felt so much different that it was pretty obvious they weren't expecting Halo to be perceived the way it was. I had owned Oni, one of their earlier PC titles and never would have guessed they could execute a killer app judging by that game specifically.

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Halo 2 followed by Halo 4. I never understood the hate for Halo 4 campaign outside the QTE moments.

Reach to me was the best iv played followed by 3. There all very good in there own ways. 5 probably sits as the weakest while 4, 2 and 1 are all debatable on which is better.

Reach has a fantastic campaign if you're invested in the Halo series as a whole, if you just play it on its own then it wouldn't have the same impact, but given that you know the outcome of the fight it adds extra tension to the battles considering that the characters you play as are hopeful for the best outcome and gunning for their lives... but in reality you know their story while heroic has a tragic ending to it and that only the AI they're guarding with their lives makes it to the Pillar of Autumn to leave Reach, fantastically put together as well the way the game plays out into the intro of Halo:CE

ODST is another great title for expanding on the universe, it kinda lets you see what goes on in the world(s) when Master Chief isn't around to save the day, what the world without him can become.... and it also shows you just how quickly you can be put down by some badly placed grunts in comparison to how they tremble before your might when you get to play as John-117, by contrasting how weak your character is in the ODST it shows just how tough a bastard the chief is, again it builds the universe that he exists in and shows the player why humanity look at the Master Chief as the hero when he arrives on a scene.

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Halo Reach...Bungie peaked in that game too bad it would be their last Halo game but they perfected their storytelling and pacing methods in the game plus the finale you knew you were screwed anyone who invested time in the Halo Universe like me knew Reach was a lost cause but man I really fought in Desperation to the very end I still get the chills remembering the moment. More than in any other Halo game I was truly a Spartan that day and I truly felt the burden of the bigger war that awaited humanity. That was Bungie's finest hour and perhaps the reason 343 hasn't been able to fill those lofty shoes.

Close between Halo Reach and CE, but I'll go with the former. Made me emotional more than a few times, and going back to more open environments allowed some variety to the campaign (multiplayer was a disappointment though).

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Halo: CE was the my favorite. At the time it was just incredible. I had never experienced anything like it. Some of the others, including Reach, as others have mentioned, were great too. But, by then my expectations had been raised. With CE, I had no expectations, and I was blown away. My brother and I co-op marathoned it over Thanksgiving weekend 2001. I remember it well. That was one of the best gaming experiences of my life.

Halo 2, to this day it's still one of the only games (FFX, Witcher 3, and P5 being the others) that had me on the edge of my seat wanting more.

Halo 3 of course.
I found that campaign had a ton of variety in terms of weapons, vehicles and enemies, good set pieces... And unlike CE. Good pacing. (I.E. No Library level.)

Story wise... It didn't make the mistake of Halo 2 and Halo 5 by switching between multiple main characters.

I mean... Reach and ODST are great in their own rights... But... You know... Master Chief is pretty cool and everything.
I didn't mind Halo Wars 1 either.

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