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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Nationality Do You Consider Mario?


What Nationality is Mario?

Italian 69 66.99%
American (USA) 13 12.62%
Japanese 1 0.97%
Mushroom Kingdominian 20 19.42%

Is he Italian? American (United States)? Or Japanese? Which country gets to claim Mario as a symbol of national pride?

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Mushroom-an, I guess. He's neither of those.

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american because he must have a big dangus

since in mario there is no italy (correct me if im wrong) he is mushroomian lol

Until recently atleast he was a plumber from Brooklyn, so to me he will always be an american of italian decent.

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American Italian heritage - but by Nationality he is simply American

In the 90s the Super Mario Bros. Super Show always said he was italian. I will just go by that. But I really don't care too much.

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He is from Sweden, that's why he is always talking about his countries favourite groups musical... MAMMA MIA! He's just going all over the world spreading his love for Abba, shouting about their best songs.


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He's Italian through and through

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I think his mother is Japanese and his father is a British Vampire that stole the body of another British man, but his mother later marries an Italian man making him an Italian citizen.

I might be thinking of the wrong series.