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Forums - Sony Discussion - PUBG launching on PS4 on December 7th

Announcement trailer:


Also you get a Drake skin and Ellie backpack for preordering. Will be interesting to see how it does on PS4.

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Almost a year exclusive to Xbone. 3 months since it hit 1.0 and was officially “released” out of preview state.

Does anyone care anymore?

Is that thing still revelant ? I mean, a paid version of Fortnite, who cares ?

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Too late!

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Waaaaaay too late for myself. I enjoyed and played fortnite for free for about a year from the week it launched but I'm over fortnite now and sure as hell ain't paying for a BR game. I also enjoyed H1Z1 for about a month. I'm getting BFV next march so hopefully the BR in that is good and my hunger for the mode has returned by then. RDR2 the same applies if it gets the mode.

Now how will pubg do? A hell of a lot less then if it released 1 year ago but at the same time actual numbers should be big. Ps4 software sales Q4 are already looking to be insanely high so this will edge it up even further.

I'm sure some will be happy, I was over the Battle Royal fad before it begun xD

This will be interesting to watch, is it too little, too late? Did the juggernaut Fortnite ruin any chance for this going forward?

Always expected it to release with 1.0, but we know Microsoft tried to extend the deal. Not sure if anybody cares anymore though, but depending on the performance it could still have some’s different enough from Fortnite to draw its own crowd. Anybody know how successful Blackout has been in comparison?


think-man said:
I'm sure some will be happy, I was over the Battle Royal fad before it begun xD

For real, i own not 1 BR game