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Forums - Movies Discussion - Detective Pikachu the Movie - Official Trailer

lol this looks good

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This is why you don't do realistic Pokémon.

Edit :

Ok, I admit. Pikachu looks pretty darn cute.

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I actually really love it.


Well watched with no sound.

1. Pikachu looks cute
2. He looks young and cute, is it not have the old gruffled detective picachu voice from game?

Looks great tbh.

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This was not what i was expecting, and i don't hate it

That actually looks like it could be pretty good!

Seeing a live-action movie with Pokemon roaming around the world like that is actually pretty amazing too. 

It looks a lot more *pikachu* then expected .

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

Wow that looks a lot better than what I had expected/ what Hollywood normally does lol

Way better than I expected. I Didn't think The Pokemon Company would allow such a departure from the series, I.E I wasn't expecting it to be this grounded (as silly as calling this movie "grounded" sounds.) But it's a lot better for it. Having a live-action movie similar to the anime in tone just wouldn't work.

Pikachu's design is great, and I expect some epic plushies to purchase.