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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Top Five Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

Yes, I know the game came out a year ago, but it's also been a year since I've been on the site. So reflecting back on that year, I wondered what kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey stuck out for people the most. I found it hard to make this list as I enjoyed every kingdom, but I feel very happy with this top 5. So without further ado, here's my list:



What can I say, I absolutely loved this kingdom. And it even tops the Metro Kingdom for me. I think it's great that Nintendo chose a desert inspired area and decided to make it Mesoamerican instead of a more obvious choice like Egyptian. The more you explore, the more of this kingdom's treasures open up.



Probably a fan favourite for most players and deservedly so, however I still slightly prefer Sand Kingdom. A great reflection back onto Donkey Kong, huge variety in Power Moon challenges and one of the most impressively design areas in a Mario game.


What can I say, it's the kingdom we all know and love. Even as someone who has played small parts of Super Mario 64, I still thoroughly enjoyed its throwbacks. There's also a lot to do here, which keeps you invested post-game content-wise. 


Another firm favourite, I just love the blend of mechanical and natural. It's another unique design choice to have this kingdom be set in essentially a giant greenhouse. I would also have to say that Torkdrift is my favourite boss in the entire game. Oh, and did I forget about the T-Rex?


Easily the most unique kingdom in the game, Nintendo were very creative in making a food-based lava level, which also happens to be inspired by Italy! I actually most enjoyed controlling the Lava Bubbles and the Skillet-throwing Hammer Bros.



Now you know my picks, what are your top 5 kingdoms?

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1. Metro Kingdom

2. Sand Kingdom

3. Wooded Kingdom

4. Moon Kingdom

5. Seaside Kingdom

I enjoyed so many of the Kingdoms, so this was tough. Mushroom Kingdom is definitely an honorable mention!

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1. Bowser's Kingdom

Awesome music and aesthetic, plus those beak-stabbing enemies were my favourite capture-able characters in the game


2. Lost Kingdom

Loved the ambience and the caterpillars were my second fav capture-able enemy


3. Sand Kingdom

Similar reasons to OP, plus the contrasting juxtaposition of a frozen desert was cool. (Har har)


4. Cascade Kingdom

Superb music, the T-Rex's debut, and just the great sense of being the first step in an epic adventure.


5. Wooded Kingdom

Loved the Uproots, the boss, and the robot watering cans.

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1, 2, and 4 were actually the Kingdoms that I almost put on the list but just missed out. I very nearly put Lost Kingdom over Luncheon. 

I loved almost all the kingdoms in the game, and there wasn't a single "bad" one in the game, imo.

The one with dragon bossfight was my favorite, even if it was lie a single corridor. Felt very alien in Mario game.

Seaside with those capturable fish things that you can fly around with were pretty awesome as well. Liked the one with the snowy blizzard as well.

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1) Seaside Kingdom
2) Bowser Kingdom
3) Metro Kingdom
4) Wooded Kingdom
5) Sand Kingdom

The reason why for this order.... I don't totally remember tbh. I would have put sand a little higher, but I remember being a little disappointed with how empty it was. Bowser Kingdom had a nice flow to it from what I remember. Metro Kingdom was just awesome. Wooded Kingdom kind of had a neat 2 level deign going for it. Seaside was just really fun for me for some reason.


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Kinda difficult to put a Top since most of them are so memorable. Although I could honestly say that I don't have much love for the Lake Kingdom and Lost Kingdom.

Bowser's, Sand, Wooded, Metro and Seaside Kingdom were probrably my fav. but I would another run to complete them and make sure this is my true honest opinion

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1. Wooded Kingdom:
2. Seaside Kingdom:
3. Metro Kingdom
4. Moon Kingdom

Metro Kingdom lowkey overrated imo

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1- Mushroom Kingdom
It felt like it was home, it was a strange feeling
2- Bowser Kingdom
Love the atmosphere, the music, the creatures
3-Wooded Kingdom
The music is the best of the game and love how the old rusty factory is mixed with nature
4-Metro Kingdom
5-Sand Kingdom

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