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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you a fan of the series your Smash main is from?

The reason I ask is because i've seen and talked to a lot of people who main Zero Suit Samus, that are not fans of the Metroid series. Some of them have never even played a Metroid game! Obviously, this can apply to every character in the game, but i'm just using ZSS as an example. I'm not really upset about this. I'm actually amazed that Smash can allow anyone to play as a certain character that he/she isn't familiar with (lore-wise), since they function differently in Smash than in their own games.

I will say it SLIGHTLY annoys me when someone says "I don't care for *insert series here*, but I love *insert character here* from Smash!" I swear I don't want this to be a rant thread, haha!

Anyway, i'm curious if any of you main a character, but are not necessarily a fan of that particular series.


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Not in the slightest. I main Little Mac and am not a fan of any of the Punch Out games. I just love his moveset, his agility...but his recovery is trash. If you can stay grounded, he's killer.

I main Captain Falcon and I've been asking for a new F-Zero game for YEARS lol... maybe one day Nintendo will answer my prayers :P

When I first played the original Super Smash Bros. all those years ago my two favorite characters where Jigglypuff and Samus...
At that point in time I hadn't even heard of Metroid...
I kept playing as Jigglypuff in Melee but also really liked Roy; I had no idea who he was and I wouldn't actually try a Fire Emblem game for another decade...
My two favorites in Brawl were R.O.B. and Captain Olimar...
Not only had I not played a Pikmin game before, I had never even seen a R.O.B. in person...
I give credit to Super Smash Bros. for expanding my taste in video games...

Have a nice day...

I main Roy, and I haven't played his game at all. I think I would very much enjoy Fire Emblem regardless.

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I played Earthbound because of Ness in Brawl.
He's generally my "main" alongside Lucas and I adore the series.

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Iv mained Kirby since the original release on the N64. I am not exactly a huge fan of the Kirby games, I do enjoy them however I think if I had to main my favourite Series than it would be probably be Samus Aran from the Metroid Prime series

I main Toon Link but I've only played one Zelda game and it wasn't Wind Waker.

I'm more a fan of the individual game rather than the series as a whole, but I definitely enjoyed FE Awakening where Lucina is from.

I have 3 mains: Sonic, Link, and Shulk.
Sonic and Zelda are my two favorite video game franchises and Xenoblade is one of my favorite Nintendo JRPG series along with Fire Emblem.
So yeah, I am!