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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I want to see more unique Switch games from Nintendo next year

So far, Nintendo has introduced a few games for the Switch that leveraged it's unique features like 1-2 Switch, ARMS, Nintendo Labo, even Super Mario Party. That's a decent start, but I want to see more games like those in the near future from Nintendo. Innovative games and software that use the Switch hardware in new and interesting ways. They've had plenty of time to prepare the next major wave of Switch games, so hopefully we see more DS style craziness next year.

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I agree with this. There’s a lot of unique games, but most of them do not take full advantage of the hardware.

One thing that I’ve been talking about with co-workers is some kind of health-based game. That’s something missing from the Switch.

Also, I am missing motion-based games; something like Wario Ware Smooth Moves, Trauma Center, Theatrerythm, or Elite Beat Agents.

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I would like to see a Switch Sports Resort.

I think Nintendo is way too hesitant to bring back motion games. I don't think this was a fad, a properly made and properly advertised Sports Resort may sell 20 million copies and should not be too expensive to produce. Namco (Go Vacation), Ubisoft (Sports Party, Just Dance) and Konami (Hyper Sports R) are actually trying it, but to kickstart it I think Nintendo as the platform holder should do something and advertise it properly.

I also have another idea in the back of my mind. How about a cardgame or boardgame utilizing NFC-capabilities? So, you put the Joycon with the NFC-scanner on the desk and interact with the game shown on the TV by putting down cards or boardgamepieces, matching the situation. I think it should be possible to do something with that.

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1-2 Switch, Labo and Mario Party were the only games that truly did something new. More the first than the latter…
Although Labo is another story.

We are fast approaching 2 years of the console on the market and there's been too little.
If they wanted for all these things to be on Switch, where's the strategy to really showcase them?

I too want them to come out with more unique propositions, but from what they showed for 2019, that doesn't seem to be a path they will be following.

So do I, but last time I said that on these boards I got called a Nintendo hater despite being a gigantic Nintendo fanboy, lol.

EDIT: Oh, you mean unique in playstyle. I meant unique as in not ports. :P But yeah, I'm all for either or.

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XD84 said:
I would like to see a Switch Sports Resort.

Came here to say this. A new "Switch/Mii" Sports game that uses the Joycon to its fullest would be great.

Jumpin said:

One thing that I’ve been talking about with co-workers is some kind of health-based game. That’s something missing from the Switch.

Well, there's Surgeon Simulator I guess, it has full motion control support. It's a shame the controls are designed to suck though, or else I'd buy it.

Edit: Also, sorry for the double post, forgot to multi-quote. Oops.

I just want to see more big games. The last really big game they released was Odyssey over a year ago!

I completely disagree they need to make stuff like 1-2-Switch or Labo, I wish they'd both be consumed in eternal fire. Just craft more games like Odyssey, botw, Mario+Rabbids... etc.