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Confirmed faked. Gribble, I expected more of you...

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Specs seem possible..... if the PS5 launches at like 500$.

OdinHades said: 
But being behind 1-2 years before release? I don't know, that kinda sucks.
RTX 2080 Ti comes with about 14 TF and it still can't handle all games from today in 4K at 60 fps.
I'd prefer it if Sony waits a little more, maybe until 2020 or even 2021 and packs some real punch into the system.

So, you hope for a $600-700 console? How else do you expect tech that isn't 1-2 years old?

I agree, that waiting until 2020 or 2021 would make the difference between PS4 and PS5 that bigger. But the tech would still be 1-2 years old. A release in 2019 would have tech from 2017. A release in 2021 would have tech from 2019. Unless you actually think that a launch price at $600-700 would be the right way to go.

whatever the specs are, i dont see sony going to over $400 price. they might have a pro for some more money, or they might just have another mid console upgrade release upgrade like they did with pro.

The only thing I see different would be the ability to have true 4K at 30fps at launch. to keep the price around $400. 60 fps would be for the mid gen upgrade.


When was the last time a design rumor turned out to be true?

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I'm just gonna say ew to that design. I hope this isn't true.

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Even if it's fake, I quite like both the design and the specs of that console. I'd take it!

It's true. All of it.

Just give me the backwards compatibility for all Playstation games (PS1-PS4 + PSP/Vita) and it will become the best console ever. Just imagine it being the ultimate Playstation console with all the classics. *-*

Spedfrom said:
Even if it's fake, I quite like both the design and the specs of that console. I'd take it!

Yea, I think the design is ok (wouldn't really notice it in my TV rack anyway) and >10Tf + Zen2 CPU for sub 500€ would be a nice deal in 2019 imo, especially with full PS4 bc. While this falls squarely into what forum dwellers already "expect" of next gen, I'd be really happy if it came true.