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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Youtuber Banned For Viral RDR2 Video


This doesn't set a good precedent no matter what your views are, for those unaware the is a video going around of RDR2 where one player punches a feminist character leading to a series of other videos and it has gone viral leading to all sorts of reactions and it seems Youtube have stepped in and banned the player from the platform. Sorry but even if you don't agree with the videos this is going down a dangerous path for anyone who makes any sort of content.


Update: The ban was lifted

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thats just a bit incredibly distasteful. and i could totally understand YouTube stepping in to remove the videos, but banning him seems a bit much

Thank god for Youtube. One more video like that and I would think hitting women is ok and should be allowed...

First they came for Alex Jones and I said nothing, cause he was insane.

Then they came for silly viral video makers and I said nothing, cause they weren't funny to me.

And then...

Are they going to ban all user putting videos of murders in video games? All CoD, BF, Fortnite?

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Its been reinstated over five hours ago. More than likely it was algorithmic termination due to multiple infractions and the title used for the videos didn't help

They caved in and brought the video and his channel back.

And rightly so. You can murder thousands of people and it's OK but punching a single annoying feminist isn't? Riiiiight.

He posted many videos bragging about killing feminist in the tittle in rdr2. Probably against youtubes rules so it make sense they removed him but his channel got reinstated so meh.

If you scroll down more you see this Update: After an intense backlash, YouTube restored Shirrako’s channel.

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I can't even....There's nothing funny about that. No matter the context. I think, if a dude put up a video on youtube where a man is punching not only a woman, but a feminist, he should be castrated with electricity.

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