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labels, labels, labels , a good game is one you enjoyed regardless of the box its put in, or the rating it did or did not receive.

Now the thread reminded me of a friend who likes to let everyone know that she only watches  independent /art house films usually why wearing a corresponding t shirt, but would never explain why, beyond a general decry of the industry, now the reaction from her friends hasn't been so much about what she watches more about what her motivation to do so is and it ranges from the typical she's a hipster tag,  to entertainment by agenda, the evidence used to support the later revolves around how she pushes her views ,when the counter argument is brought up that it's natural to see fans pushing their particular fandom, the counterpoint is rather than being the poster girl for independent films and what they add to the cinematic landscape she comes across as not someone who was drawn into that world by the subject matter , but more as someone who's anti industry views lead them there.

Now my take is yes there's hipster in there we all have some hipster traits in our dna, but in that case it was combined with an agenda. now some people will say in the end it's a personal view,while I agree with the personal view, it's important to see what motivation lays behind a person's actions even if it's just to better understand where they are coming from.

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hear hear.
Don't worry, there are enough classic games in the world to last a lifetime.


I agree with much of the OP. However, despite the negatives mentioned, I think AAA gaming is in the best place it ever has been. Many of these games have budgets that would be totally unfathomable just a generation ago. And that budget isn't just being burned away. They're making massive, visually stunning, incredible games with it. There certainly is a lack of variety, but that's how it works when you're spending tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on a game. You simply cannot take big risks very often with that kind of money. but that lack of variety works the other way too. They keep refining the formulas and competing with each other. That's what has pushed AAA gaming to where it is right now. If you're going to spend a hundred million dollars making a game, it damn sure better be better than the other guys hundred-million-dollar game, if you want to rake in $60 from millions of consumers.

I think Indie Games have their place, but very few of them interest me. I play A and AA games from the major developers and Publishers when I want variety. Because there's one thing you know for sure when you buy from the big boys. The games never totally suck. And that just cannot be said about Indies.

Pratices in terms of monetization are some of the worse they've been and I do have a general distaste towards the "games as a service" pushed by the AAA industry in the west. Which means in turn that I don't play games that opt for these when they do have predatory features.

But boy, some people shouldn't label the DLC/Expansion pass when it's obviously an add-on that is worked for an already(and visibly) complete game. Yes, Nintendo has now done some Expansion pass/DLC for some of their games. So far, it's been mixed results all over the place : Free DLC in SMO, MTA, Splatoon 2, Arms, etc ,,,
Great expansions such as Octo Expansion, Xeno 2 Torna, BOTW (more on the meh side, but it wasn't made in the detriment of the main experience). To be honest, I think the only fucked up they had was with the Fire Emblem games on 3DS,lol.

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I wouldn't pay $1 for even the best indies. I don't prefer AAA per se as I often play the cheaper made Japanese games. I tend to buy my top tier AAA games at launch but for most other games I wait until they are cheaper and I don't buy DLC. So often for $20 or less I get a AAA game with just the base game, which is often very worth for me.

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I'm kinda the opposite, I spend less time with indie games and focus on AAA games.

I played a lot of indie games last gen. I played a lot on Vita because it was portable and convenient at the time. But few of them are satisfying experiences, I often quit playing them, I guess the niche has worn off and many of the experiences feel the same. If anything, I just play the critically acclaimed games, I may try the free ones via subscriptions, but that's it.

But if you look at my sig or profile, I play lots of different types of big budget games. If I'm bored of shooters one moment, I may jump into an open world action game, or a fighting game, or racing, etc. I don't often don't play games of the same genre back to back.

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
bigtakilla said:

Thanks to mostly Nintendo? The company that has cannibalized their last consoles library to fluff this one, that has been increasingly using anti consumer practices like season passes and dlc instead of focusing on releasing games and their sequels instead of draining the consumer dry, that has easily the worst bang for your buck in their online pay wall, ect.

They were the last bastion of consumer centric gaming, this gen though they're leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Hey you’re preaching the choir. I’ve been very vocal about my distaste for a la carte gaming. I even wrote an article three years ago stating that Nintendo had become part of the DLC problem. But in the end the company makes the best games on the planet.

Fair enough...

Nice insight, I´d say you have valid points.

As for the last question, I´m not a huge consumer of AAA titles as well, but I try to balance things. Most of the AAA titles I have today, I got either used or in a sale, I rarely buy AAA games on launch today. Lately, indie games have impressed me more than most AAA games. One thing in particular that makes me lose interest in most AAA titles is the obssession with realistic graphics in every genre, which makes many games look the same, despite their art direction.

SO leave it.

I can say that on the opposite I wouldn't put 20 bucks on an Indie game. And more regularly than not the AAA game have a playable experience that is more than 3x more extense than the Indie with a much better presentation.

About taking risks and being different, I don't remember games looking like Pupeteer, Last Guardian, Heavy Rain and Until Dawn before they came out. And considering Sony during PS3 time had 60% of their games being launched knowing it wouldn't profit I'm pretty sure we can say they take risks. And we had SSM supporting the best indies on consoles last gen with flower, journey and unfinished swan

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Yaya, praise the indies. What nonsense.

Truth is, the staggering increase in amateur game development is (partially) responsible for state AAA is in. Another main reason is a community of ungrateful cheap smartasses.

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