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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Diablo 3 or Dark Souls remastered

Today is my birthday woo hoo. Being the lucky man I am, I have received enough money to treat myself to a couple of Switch games. Pokemon let's go Pikachu will be one of them, and the other will be between Dark Souls or Diablo 3. Its a tough choice so if anybody here can give me your opinions on either game it could be very helpful for my purchasing decision. I have no problem with grinding in games or a difficulty curve, its more about gameplay. 

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As a Diablo fan, D3 is hands down the weakest game of the franchise, it led many of us migrate to Path of Exile, a much superior hack-n-slash experience, dubbed as the spiritual successor of Diablo 2. I'd pick Dark Souls.

I'd go with Diablo 3.  But its a great opportunity to experience Nintendo's online service. It really depends on whether or not you want a single player experience or a online multiplayer one.

i played both on 360 and while I was disappointed with Diablo 3 I was just dumbfounded to the praise dark souls received. I'd say go with Diablo 3

Depends on the kind of games you like. For me Dark Souls is one of the best games ever made, so I would go for that without question.

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Really enjoyed diablo 3 when I played it. Can't really say any more.

Dark Souls Remastered

I can't comment on the quality of the games as I've never played them. But, happy birthday dude. I personally would go with Dark Souls Remastered and get something on sale on the eshop that would equal the price of Diablo 3 :P


It's kinda sad you have never played neither of those games yet when they've been out for such a long time. knock yourself out.

D3, i could never get into these Dark Soul games.