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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's site suggests YouTube app possibly coming to Switch November 8th

Switch is just a few months away from its second anniversary. Some system owners have been clamoring for video apps since its release, but there haven’t been too many options. Hulu came to Switch last November, but offerings since then have been few and far between.

The good news is that, next week, Switch might be receiving a major video app. Though the page is currently inaccessible, Nintendo’s website indicates that YouTube is launching on the eShop very soon.

On certain pages of Nintendo’s website, if you scroll down to the “You might also like…” section, one of the suggestions that appears is none other than YouTube. Attempting to access the page goes nowhere, but we do see a November 8 release date.

The final name for Yoshi on Switch – Yoshi’s Crafted World – also leaked in a similar manner. It’s definitely looking likely that we’ll see YouTube on Switch next week, though we’ll know for sure in just a few days.

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I guess it will be more convenient than SwitchTube

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Almost 2 years after its launch, it MIGHT get a Youtube app. In 2018. Next-gen right here.

Good for the people who absolutely need that, i'm keeping my Switch clean from non-gaming stuff

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melbye said:
Good for the people WHO absolutely need that, i'm keeping my switch clean from non-gaming stoff

Exactly. At first I thought Nintendo was crazy for not putting these kinds of apps on the Switch, but now I don't need nor want them on it. I have a million other ways to watch YouTube.

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Nobody is forced to use it.

Freaking finally Nintendo. Almost two years later. Now do something about Netflix and the web browser.

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My video game console doesn't need multimedia apps, that's what my computer is made for

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HintHRO said:
Almost 2 years after its launch, it MIGHT get a Youtube app. In 2018. Next-gen right here.

I'd say that because it's 2018 this sort of stuff isn't really useful and is a little redundant unless you want to use your Switch as a portable media device (if for some reason you don't have a phone). For at least a half a decade now TVs have come with that stuff (youtube, netflix, etc...)  built in.

Back on the Wii and the early days of the Wii U this stuff was far more relevant.

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maybe netflix and amazon videos in another 2-3 years? on a roll!