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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's FY3/2019 2nd quarter meeting (Minecraft bundle announced, Octopath 1 million+ sold, Mario Party 1.5M+ sold)

I was not sure about posting this in a new thread or on the thread about the Q2 reports. I'll post here and try to update as new information come in (It is happening right now). Feel free to move the information over there if you guys want.


- Nintendo is in a favorable position moving into the holidays 

- Nintendo is taking measures to make sure Switch owners play for a long time 

- this will include more DLC, in-game events, and more 

- chart for Switch sell through in EU/US/JP shows Sept units slowing after peak in June 

- Switch Bundle ratio breakdown for September: 60% Odyssey, 50-60% MK8D, 40-50% Zelda: BotW 

- digital sales are seeing record growth, with packaged games being 60% of digital sales

- Fortnite continues to show momentum, with people coming together to play 

-Nearly half of Switch's owner downloaded Fortnite

-Sell through:

- Octopath Traveler sold 1m digitally within first 3 weeks (EDIT: The investor mentioned digitally, but the slide on Nintendo's website said "sell-through").

- Switch has over 500 companies developing 1,300 titles for the platform (traditional and indie) 

- Super Mario Party was designed to be simple, fun, and bring people together 

- Super Mario Party has sold Oct 1.5m globally and has boosted Joy-Con sales

-Fortnite and Minecraft bundles announced for Japan

-50% of those who pre-ordered Pokemon Let's Go also pre-ordered the PokeBall Plus.

-Nes Mini,Snes Mini and all versions 10 millions sold

-Amiibo sold 50 million

-Smash to be expected of be Nintendo's biggest game and biggest industry's collab, this Pokemon, Fortnite and Diablo bundles expected to boost sales this holiday

-Dragalia Lost above 1 million users registred and sales close to 4 billion yen, Super Mario Run close to 300 million downloads.

-Fire Emblem Heroes now have more user overseas than in Japan.

-Presentation over. Q&A starting.

-Slide shared:

-Nintendo aiming to get non-Nintendo gamers.

-People who don't play games at all also an audience to reach.

-Smash, new content for the online service and new DLC to make Switch more interesting

-Nintendo not dropping prices on their main games

-Crossplay as long as costumers want,but not for Nintendo's own titles (duh)

-Nintendo continues to be an entertainment company. Will maximize their IPs via dedicated devices and movies.

-July-September had slower releases, development plans impacted schedule. Had slower sales during that period 'cause of that.

-More than half of people who bought the online service choosed the 12-month plan.

-Dragalia Lost did well for a new IP.

-Not sharing numbers for the online service,but it had a good start.

-No updates on the China situation.

-1st party colaborations being considered for mobile

-Mario Kart Tour will receive continuous support, out by march 2019.

-"We will keep the 3DS business going"

-20 millions is not easy target, holiday will be crucial.

-Looks like the presentation it is done now. The Q&A should take a while to be translated, only then we will know the informations about it more clearly.

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Holy shit! Needs a couple minutes to break that down!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

That essentially means Octopath moved 2m, no wonder the studio said this week they want to get their games out quicker.

"Nes Mini and all versions 10 millions sold"

All versions of NES Mini? There were different versions?

Post this in op:

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The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

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KLAMarine said:
"Nes Mini and all versions 10 millions sold"

All versions of NES Mini? There were different versions?

There was 3 as I am aware. The american one, the european one and Famicom Mini.

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Stuart23 said:

- Octopath Traveler sold 1m digitally within first 3 weeks

This is the thing that amazes me more than anything.  I hope that encourages Square Enix to devote more resources towards their Switch-specific dev team.

flashfire926 said:
Post this in op:

Will do. This is too much to catch on!

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Congrats to Amiibos! They havent really pushed it since the Switch compared to the Wii U with locking some game modes. Which is a good thing.

Congrats to Super Mario Party and Octopath! Hopefully they will add free dlcs for SMP! New characters and a new board before Christmas will be Awesome!

Awesome sales for the Minis/Classics series!

Nintendo going ham with the bundles!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

"Octopath Traveler sold 1m digitally within first 3 weeks "

Hold on, Im confused by this statement.At the three week mark, Square announced that Octopath had sold 1 million units globaly.So Nintendo must be wrong.All those sales cant be 100% digital.There must have been some confusion here.

But if they mean that Octopath has sold 1 million just in digital sales, and god knows how much more physically.... then HOLY SHIT!That would make for a monster hit.

Edit:Seems that the person who said that was wrong indeed.The slides state as Square stated in the past, which is the total.

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