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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction: SSB Ultimate announcement coming November 8

With Sakurai outright stating that all content for SSB Ultimate will be shown off before the game publicly launches, and with the game releasing in now just over a month, the question haunting the community is when we will get the final details on the game. And after comparing dates, release history, and and breadcrumbs of information left behind by Nintendo, I feel near 100% confident that we can expect to see a SSB Ultimate themed presentation on November 8, and heres why.

the initial teaser for SSB Ultimate was first shown in a Nintendo Direct on March 8. We also saw a SSB Ultimate themed direct on August 8. And considering the game launches on December 7, that leaves the only date marked with an 8 to be on November 8. Now admittedly, this did not seem definitive enough, especially considering we also got a huge info dump for game at E3, which was on June 12, so no dice there.

So then I looked back to the 50 Fact Extravaganza, the final SSB presentation before the launch of SSB4. It was uploaded on October 23, exactly 29 days before the launch of the game. So then if you take the date of December 7 and go back the same number of days, you land right on November 8.

So all of this seemed pretty concise, but it also felt a bit more coincidental that I wanted it to. Why the number 8? What significance does 8 have to the SSB series? And then it hit me... the starting roster of the original SSB game had 8 characters. Those 8 characters are also prominently displayed on the main menu screen of the game, and will be the game's starting roster as confirmed by Sakurai himself. And with that, I was convinced.

So mark your calendars for November 8 everyone