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Forums - Sony Discussion - Finished Spider-Man yesterday. Review, spoilers

I also got the platinum. It's a very easy platinum, requires zero replays, there are no missable trophies, and difficulty doesn't affect the trophies. aka, the way most games should do it.

First, a little backstory on me and Spider-Man. My Spider-Man origin story, if you will. I don't care for Spider-Man. I was never a big fan as a kid when I was into comic books, and the be honest, this might be the first Spider-Man game I've ever played? The closest thing I can think of are the Capcom Vs fighters in which he's a playable character, but even in those games, I never used him. I do enjoy Insomniac games, but I wasn't looking forward to this one at all because it didn't appeal to me. But, I was in the market for a second PS4, and figured I might as well get the superior PS4. But supplies of the Pro had been dry with no new consoles around me for weeks. There was, however, the Spider-Man bundle, which came with the "gold" or whatever edition of the game.

Upon starting the game, the first thing that jumps out at you is the traversal. It's really good. The game that immediately came to my mind was Sunset Overdrive, which is not a surprise since it is another Insomniac game and traversal is also a vital part of that game. The second thing is the combat. It's good, but it's also lifted directly from games like the Arkham Batman games and the Mordor games. There are some cool traversal moves you can make in combat, but overall, it's very familiar.

The last thing that really stands out is the collect-a-thon nature of the game, it's there from start to finish. The actual story part of the game is very short and doesn't take much time at all to plow through, if you desire. It's the side content that gives the game most of its play time. Some of it is nice, most of it is just filler and plays like it. Having to snap photos of landmarks, collecting pigeons for a homeless man, collect statues for a storyline that is not even in the base game and requires DLC to fully explore, among others, felt too much like busywork. But there are Taskmaster challenges, which were entertaining. There are various crimes, which are nice, but get repetitive. Ok, you gotta stop 5 crimes in a district. Ok, now you gotta stop 5 of those same crimes, only now they are being committed by Demons. Ok, now do 5 more of those crimes, but you're fighting escaped convicts now. Ok now 5 more crimes, this time against Sable soldiers. And they all strangely have the same enemy types and weapons.

But the story is really good, even if it takes awhile to get going. I didn't see the Sinister 6 happening, so that was a great surprise. They handled Doc's arc from good minded selfless scientist looking to help the world into deranged lunatic hell bent on revenge very well. Some side stories I didn't care much for. Like Mary Jane and Peter.. meh. Miles, who cares. And the stealth sections with those two characters, yuck. One of the last missions you're controlling MJ and you are teaming up with Spider-Man, luring enemies into areas and allowing SM to take them out. That was cool. The rest, no thanks. The AI is too dumb and the missions are too simple and generic. Basically crouch walk here, cause distraction, move there. Rinse, repeat.

The traversal is really good though, sometimes I didn't mind swinging across the city instead of quick traveling because the traversal is so good. And it was a great touch to have him use the subway to quick travel, and an even nicer touch that later in the game when Sable has the city on lockdown, instead of riding in the subway surrounded by civilians, he hides outside of the subway car while Sable agents patrol.

Overall it's a good game, I just wish they'd have squeezed some more game in there and less meh filler content. It's pretty slimy that one of your missions collecting things is for Black Cat, who isn't even in the actual game but rather DLC. I've downloaded that DLC, but haven't started yet.

In a Spider-Man versus Sunset battle royale, I'd give Sunset the edge in graphics and style, but Spider-Man the edge in writing and gameplay, making it the slightly better game. My score would be a 7.5, idk what its metascore is. A solid game, but wait for it to hit $20-30.

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Horizon, and now Spiderman.

You are only interested in Sony games  ?

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

Horizon, and now Spiderman.

You are only interested in Sony games  ?

Please add something more meaningful next time. 

Oh! sorry.   I wanted to say that.

My biggest complaint was the final boss battle, which a very rinse-and-repeat style fight. Always the camera is all over thr place and whilst tryimg to catch projectiles to redirect, Spiderman has the tendency to fall off the platform you are fighting on.

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My biggest complaint with Spider-Man was the repetitiveness. You had these old-school Ubisoft style open world activities that got old real quick, even the Ubisoft tower mechanic that Ubisoft themselves have since dropped because people got sick of it. The combat as well got repetitive quick, Arkham style combat like that doesn't offer much in the way of variety, and the low number of enemy types certainly didn't help either. Gave it an 8.5/10 in the end, the same score I gave Sunset Overdrive. Hopefully they make Spider-Man 2 less repetitive.

This game is unique, you will not see something like this in a loong time brother.
The flaws, well , where is my Mysterio and Dr Lizard mothafuckas.