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Just getting started with RDR2. I have what would best equate to a sound bar (Bose Solo 15), and I’m not sure whether to select “stereo speakers” or “surround speakers” as my audio output choice.

Anyone have any advice?

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Generally speaking, "stereo speakers" is the right setting for a sound bar. But, many sound bars (including, I believe, the Bose Solo) do a bunch of their own processing to change the way they deal with various signal types.. So, I'd just play around with them and see which setting sounds the best for you.

I put surround only on 5.1 or better otherwise use stereo

Ok thanks fellas!

Have you figured out what you like yet?

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update us bro ;o

Another question here. I don't wanna make a seperate thread. What's best for 1080p on pro? Supersampling, boost mode, neither or both? I have both on since I started and never stopped to think about which would be best or the effect they have at all, as there is no in-game options.


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