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Forums - General Discussion - Just had an embarrassing moment.

So I got off work a couple hours ago after a long day and the mrs told me to pick up some condoms on the way home cause we’re out. So I head to our nearby Kroger, walk in, buy some other things we needed as well as the condoms. 


I use use one of the available self checkouts, pay and proceed to exit the store when the theft alarm goes off. I turn back and a nice black lady says I’m fine, so I say ok and continue to walk out. So as I’m driving home it hits me. The condoms are still in the anti theft security box. I get home, tell the mrs what happened. So we go back to Kroger, show a girl store member the receipt and explain what happened and she’s looking at me with this slight smirk. She takes the box, opens and hands me the condoms. I say thanks and we leave. 

Now I’m sitting here thinking what an idiot I am. She’s probably thinking I tried to steal them, despite showing her my receipt or thinks I’m an idiot or both. Ugh what a day. 

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If in the end, you got laid, that ain't a problem

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Something kinda similar happened to me once, but with a mean Asian.

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SKMBlake said:
If in the end, you got laid, that ain't a problem

We don’t know, maybe they make balloons with them.

Why did you go back to the store if there was no real issue to begin with? Could have saved you some embarrasment.

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I thought this was going to be a thread about how you just spent an hour in HITMAN trying to kill someone by using their cigarette addiction against them, going around the entire map wearing the costume of a nicotine addict, not finding the cigarettes you need, restarting the level, only to then find out that you actually DID grab them originally and just needed to put them in a specific place in order for it to count as an opportunity (instead of being in your inventory like 99% of HITMAN items) .... reason why I thought that, by the way ;-(

Don't worry, we all have such moments.

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Dante9 said:
Why did you go back to the store if there was no real issue to begin with? Could have saved you some embarrasment.

I suppose I could’ve smashed or broke the security box open myself but rather than make a racket and a mess at 1 am in my apartment, I opted to take it back to let them safely remove it for me. Oh well lesson learned. 

This hasnt happened to me because I go in raw.

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Nothing embarassing about this, really. Unless you are 16 or the person at the counter was (in w/c their opinion of you buying a condom shouldn’t matter). Condoms are a natural thing.

That is unless you bought the “extra small” variety. :p