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Forums - Gaming Discussion - RDR2: Will You Play in 1st Person or 3rd Person POV?


Will You Play in 1st Person or 3rd Person

1st Person 11 31.43%
3rd Person 24 68.57%

Will you be playing in 1st or 3rd person? I strongly preferred first person in GTA 5 because it felt so much more immersive, so Im going to go with that in RDR2.


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I always play 3rd person when the option is available.


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First person. Perhaps even with PSVR on in tv mode blown up huge to pretend it's in VR!

I'll have to actually spend some time with the game to see which I prefer. I tend to think I'll favor the 3rd person mode, but who knows. Could be that the 1st person mode wins me over.

I'll toggle, but end up in third person most of the time.

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3rd person whenever it’s an option. Skyrim (save for archery) is infinitely better in 3rd person.


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John2290 said:
A mix of both but mostly third person. The first person mode is really good for looting and exploring interiors much like a bethesda game. Can't imagine playing the game in first person exclusively though.

It must be around 4am in your neck of the woods John. Try to get some sleep so you can enjoy the game.

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third person

Mix, but mostly TP. I hope it works better than what we saw in GTA V.

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I'll be playing 4th person by only looking at internet comments about the game.

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